My Street Cred

You wanna know what I do that allows me to sustainably wander the world and work as I travel?

You’re reading it.

Well, this blog is only part of it. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, now doing freelance work on the reg for and others. I write about fitness, eating foods, the places I go to and see, and nerdy stuff, and generally fill your life with insightful nuggets like why you like the smell of your own fart. This page is meant to be a collection of my published articles and projects found all over the net, but the internet is a big, wide, scary place so it’s probably not the most complete.

The best thing to do is to follow my updates on Twitter and Facebook for the ramblings of a nomadic, nerdy, food-loving gym bro-dette. And for more about me (and FY!S in general), you can read the back story here.

Read My Other Writing is a tech and lifestyle site that’s probably the closest thing to finding cheat codes for life. I contribute multiple articles per week to its health blog, Vitals, which focuses on busting health and fitness myths and offering down-to-earth information in ways that no one else does or could.

View my articles at Lifehacker.

I used to work here! is one of the largest health and fitness sites with way too many shirtless pictures of out-of-this-world buff dudes and chicks. I wrote one of the most viral transformation stories. I still write for them on occasion.

View my articles at is a health and fitness website that just gets it. They get the whole “fitness as a lifestyle” mentality and clearly embrace it in all of their content.

View my articles at &

I used to work at IGN, too! IGN and are both lifestyle websites aimed at geek culture. I haven’t written for either of them recently, but if you’ve played games like Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, Fallout 3, and many more games circa 2008 through 2013, you’ve probably read my stuff. A lot of the articles went *POOF* (convenient, right?), but here are a few that I managed to salvage:

…And more!

I’m a more irregular contributor to the following places:

What Else Do I Do?

I am a content strategist and coach businesses and other writers to write for publications. In my free time, I make YouTube videos on my nomadic lifestyle, travels, food, and random thoughts that strike me in the shower. Then I write, edit on iMovie, and film using a combination of my Canon T2i, iPhone, GoPro Hero 4, and a Canon G7x. I update my channel when I can, so check it out and subscribe! 

Watch my YouTube videos on my channel. 

Want to Work With Me?


I’m open to special projects and dance-off challenges. Just hit me up on this form here and let’s see how we can work together!