My Ignite! Talk Could Change Your Life

You know what our problem is? You say, I don’t know you? Well, I’m going to act like I know.

We give too many fucks.

That’s your problem. And that’s my problem, too. Think about it: Someone just cut you off on the road. You’re frothing at the mouth over this guy because you gave a fuck. You shared a nice laugh with the your office crush, but it turns out you had a pepperoni stuck to your tooth. You’re embarrassed as fuck because you gave a fuck.

The point is, there are a lot of opportunities for all the fucks. And I believe it impacts our energy and morale throughout the day, week even. Instead of letting every little thing make you shake your fist, we can strive to dedicate our energy to giving a fuck to the things that matter (and Fuck Yes! Saturdays, of course). By aiming to give only one fuck, maybe you can start to tell apart the things that matter and the things that really don’t.

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