My writing and articles reach hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to help them create a life that they don’t feel like they need a vacation from. That could include:

  • Building a strong and healthy body to help you tackle your bucket lists in life. For life.
  • Finding the guts to stop “dreaming” and start doing.
  • Doing work, smarter, that matters to you.
  • Staying focused when all you want to do is check Facebook 50 times before starting any project.
Stephanie is one of the rare health writers out there who cares more about science and evidence than they do about hype and clicks.
Dr. Yoni Freedhoff
MD and blogger at Weighty Matters



“I did your writing prompt ‘What will make today great?’ yesterday, and it was the greatest day I’ve had in weeks. Did it again this morning, and things are working out so far.”
Kristine D.
“I have a confession to make: I didn’t subscribe to your email list because of the content, I subscribed because of your amazing writing style and voice.”
Sarah F.
“Started reading your stuff today and got really inspired! Thanks for all that you do. Will be a digital nomad myself and I’ve learned a ton in the last hour.”
“I stumbled upon your blog this morning after not sleeping very well last night … I felt quite helpless this morning and your blog answered a lot of my questions and put my worries (somewhat) to bed. Thank you for your content!”
Leonie K.