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Cafés in Paris are as common as oxygen. They’re everywhere, but Carette is special in that it makes its own to-die-for pastries along with serving up a mean, albeit pricey, brunch.

There are two Carette locations. The one I went to was located in Trocadero, facing the circular street and sandwiched between two other restaurants. There’s outdoor seating, of course, which can be hard to get during peak hours. Inside you can find a huge open display case that’s packed with golden, flaky, buttery offerings in many forms: croissants, pain au chocolat, brioches, and more. For you dessert lovers, there are also rows of neatly lined macarons and cakes.

carette paris




I’ve been to Carette twice now because I really enjoy the ambience and food, but brunch isn’t cheap. On both occasions, I spent at least 30 USD for myself.

The first time I ordered a big coffee with milk on the side and a totally normal club sandwich. I honestly can’t even say what compelled me to choose a goddamn sandwich over the scrambled egg dishes, the pastries, salads, and the zillions of other better options they had, yet there my sandwich was–all dressed in a bit too much mayo for my liking and all.


Sure, the sandwich was good, but I was hungry and it wasn’t 25 Euro-good. Yeah, 25 Euro! For a sandwich that had mayo up the wazoo. The pile of stuff in the middle was a salad drenched in more mayo. Tasty, but it was just too rich for me. The bee that harassed me the entire time loved it though.

On my second visit, I ordered a chocolate croissant, my coffee, and scrambled eggs with cheese.

Confession: I wasn’t a fan of French pastries like croissants or anything, but I’ve been loving them in Paris. They tend not to be overpoweringly buttery here; they’re so addictively flaky and soft and airy.

Carette’s chocolate croissant was goooood. Chunks of chocolate rested near the bottom of the croissant so that the sweetness of the chocolate cut sharply into the ever-so slight saltiness of the croissant.


Then came the scrambled eggs, which lo and behold, were creamy as hell. The cheese formed a barricade on the surface of the eggs, which threw me off. I’d thought they were mixed into the eggs.

It came with two sticks of puff pastries, which I assumed were to be eaten with the eggs. It also comes with pieces of fresh baguette.

This was a lot of food. I finished the eggs and the croissants. The eggs were not seasoned so you can add your own pepper and salt. But holy crap, that single tomato was amazing.


Is the food macro-friendly? Not by a long shot. This is definitely a place to get your fill of fats for the day. You can try to tone it down with the salads, but the signature dishes here, like the eggs and the pastries, are what you come to Carette for.


Carette Trocadéro

4 place du Trocadéro

75016 – Paris


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