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Video: What Is FY!S?

dsc_5819Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I eat sushi as big as my face. (Click here to learn more about me!)

I created FY!S, which is short for Fuck Yes! Saturday, to share this personal mantra of mine. It’s the idea of resisting the things that are meh and going for the things that really make you say Fuck Yes! It’s the reminder that some things can’t continue to be put off.  We can think and talk a whole lot about what we want to do (or eat or see or accomplish). But you either do it or you don’t. There’s no wishy-washy grey area.

And while the idea of saying Fuck Yes! to simply escape and seek life’s thrills are tempting, I’m also referring to the small things.

…Saying Fuck Yes! to putting aside work for a day and spending more time with your family or kids.

…Saying Fuck Yes! to the workout, even if your mind is telling you to be lazy, but you know damn well that you’d be glad that you worked up the energy in the first place.

…Saying Fuck Yes! to letting yourself do, not just dream.

Here’s a quick video of what I think FY!S is about. Be sure to watch in full screen and with sound!

In the end, I think FY!S challenges me to do things that scare me initially and face my foibles head-on.

I hope it helps you do the same.

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