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Top 10 buffets in Phoenix, Arizona – Eat all you can, and then some more!

Buffets have been known for uniting food lovers for a long time now. It is fun when you go to a buffet from time to time with loved ones to enjoy a nice time being together and enjoying one another’s company. Since buffets often cost less for a variety of dishes served at a time, going to a buffet is also a great way for you to have a taste of many different dishes without the need of spending too much. These will also allow you to experience the rich cultures in different dishes.

Phoenix, the capital city of the southwestern U.S. state of Arizona is known for its spectacular desert landscapes and is seen as one of the top tourist attraction sites in the region. The city is not just known as a place for vacation adventures, it is a city where you have plenty of great buffets you can choose from. Here, we’ve listed the top 10 buffets in Phoenix where you can enjoy different dishes at once and in a conducive environment.

Top 10 Buffets in Phoenix, Arizona

Red Wok Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Red Wok Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Red Wok Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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It’s really difficult to want to mess up with an Asian buffet, and Red Wok Buffet has gone beyond expectations to offer super service, a great menu collection with tasty entrees, and provides a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the meal with loved ones. At Red Wok Buffet, you are certain that you will get the best Asian cuisine and even non-Asian dishes.

Red Wok dishes up cuisines that have everything from sushi to barbecue pork ribs, dumplings and complete with a Mongolian grill. The buffet can also be recommended for coconut shrimps, salads, and a perfectly cooked wok. Aside from the excellent service which Red Wok Buffet provides, visitors also find the price to be very considerate when compared to the variety of dishes offered there.

Address:3434 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Mandarin Super Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Mandarin Super Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Mandarin Super Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Mandarin Super Buffet is an excellent choice when it comes to looking for a buffet that serves Cantonese and Chinese cuisines. The location has moderate noise which is ideal for groups of people with kids. It also features a beer & wine bar to get assorted drinks to go along with the variety of dishes available. The buffet can include nicely cooked crab legs, orange chicken, and steamed fish. There are also many vegetarian options available. You are also guaranteed to have tasty chocolate cakes and good ice creams.

Mandarin Super Buffet promises excellent service delivery at a very nice price. You also get an option of home delivery to any location around Phoenix. When next you are planning on going to a buffet that offers the Japanese food combination, then Mandarin Super Buffet should be your next stop.

Address:1501 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Blue Pacific Seafood Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Blue Pacific Seafood Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Blue Pacific Seafood Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Blue Pacific Seafood Buffet is a low-key but large eatery that offers multiple buffets with Chinese classics. Varieties of seafood & desserts are also available. Blue Pacific Seafood Buffet is ideal for family gatherings as you get served quality seafood at family dining prices. You will never go home hungry, as there are always a variety of seafood delicacies and an array of sushi available. The eatery also features appetizers & soups fruits, snow crab legs, shrimps, Oysters, Mongolian BBQ, ice creams, and a variety of cakes.

Excellent for special events and parties, your guests will certainly have unlimited portions to choose from as more than 12 buffet tables are specially prepared to ensure that nothing is lacking to eat. There are also private rooms that can be reserved for a little family reunion or any form of a small gathering.

Address:3507 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Sun Star Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Sun Star Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Sun Star Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Famous for its Chinese dishes and cuisines, Sun Star Buffet is one of the best places in Phoenix to stop by for a nice buffet. You will be served good fish, prawns, and chicken. The restaurant has a large menu list that consists of shrimp, Oysters, fresh & frozen lobster, sushi, and other varieties of seafood.

Sun Star Buffet also offers both dine-in and takeaway services. However, customers that wish to eat at the restaurant are offered a conducive atmosphere to enjoy happy moments with family and friends. For toppings, you can get different types of wines and beers available.

Address:3420 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ

Lin’s Grand Buffet (Baseline) – Phoenix, AZ

Lin’s Grand Buffet (Baseline) – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Lin’s Grand Buffet (Baseline) – Phoenix, AZ 2
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From offering a Mongolian grill, a sushi bar, rice, noodles, and a variety of other Asian dishes, Lin’s Grand Buffet has all the elements of a great Asian food buffet where you are sure that you can never lack a menu to choose from. In this eatery, the buffets you get are as fresh as possible. Visitors are also offered a great selection of non-Asian delicacies. At Lin’s Grand Buffet, you can’t possibly have any reason to leave your table less than happy as you are sure of getting premium services at relatively affordable prices.

You can choose to be served on disposable plates and utensils. This will enable you to take out your food in case you are unable to consume everything there. The dine-in location is very serene and provides you with maximum comfort.

Address:3955 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ

New China Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

New China Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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New China Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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New China Buffet offers a large variety of buffet dishes that consist of Mongolian beef, roasted pork Lo Mein, pork chop suey, Hunan shrimp, etc. Visitors can also have tasty ice cream or choose from the different types of cakes available. The Baseline road location of the restaurant also offers you the opportunity to have a feel of the city and even get the chance to interact with others.

New China Buffet is a go-to place when you wish to organize a small get-together with a few friends and family. You get offered quality service delivery with a prompt response. Another reason why it is an ideal place for organizing a little gathering is the fact that the prices are considerate.

Address:2939 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ

Golden Coin Chinese Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Golden Coin Chinese Buffet 1
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Golden Coin Chinese Buffet 2
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You will find different varieties of traditional Chinese dishes when you visit Golden Coin Chinese Buffet. Contained in the menu list include cooked fried chicken, fried rice, sweet & sour pork, sushi, and delicious lemonade. This lovely buffet is a great choice for families to dine together. The fast pace at which customers are served is one of the unique features that has endeared many of the locals to the restaurant.

Golden Coin Chinese Buffet is an ideal place you can visit with your kids too as there are different flavors of ice cream that your kids can’t resist. It is also affordable, so don’t be scared of making your choices from the large menu lists.

Address:3224 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Indian Delhi Palace – Phoenix, AZ

Indian Delhi Palace – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Indian Delhi Palace – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Established in 1985, Indian Delhi Palace is a family-owned restaurant that has over the years provided one of the best Indian dishes in Phoenix. It is the first Indian restaurant in the whole of Arizona. You are certain to get the best Indian buffet menu at Indian Delhi Palace. The menu includes samosas, tikka masala, tandoori chicken, naan bread, garlic naan, paneer pakoras, basmati rice, etc. Each dish is prepared with the best spices to ensure that you get that quality and fresh taste.

The restaurant ensures that they provide dishes from other Asian countries to offer customers different phases of lunch and dinner experiences. Also available at Indian Delhi Palace is the vegetable Korma specifically made for vegetarians. It is a mix of cooked vegetables that are spiced in an Indian way.

Address:5104 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Hibachi City Buffet – Phoenix, AZ

Hibachi City Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Hibachi City Buffet – Phoenix, AZ 1
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If there is anyone who wishes to have a better feel of what Asian foods taste like, then Hibachi City Buffet promises to offer you the spicy goodness of fresh and quality Chinese and Japanese buffets. There are a lot of options you can choose from on the buffet menu. The menu includes chicken wings, sushi, roasted pork Lo Mein, shrimp chow Mein, teriyaki chicken, etc. Lovers of seafood will also get some dishes to satisfy their desires.

Hibachi City Buffet offers home delivery service to residents staying around Phoenix. You can order a buffet box that comes with two hot entrees and one base or the family/ party trays that come in two sizes – the full tray & half tray.

Address:3414 W Southern Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Lin’s Grand Buffet (AZ) – Phoenix, AZ

Lin’s Grand Buffet (AZ) – Phoenix, AZ 1
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Lin’s Grand Buffet (AZ) – Phoenix, AZ 2
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Lin’s Grand Buffet has several locations across the different parts of Arizona where you can visit to have one of the best Asian food buffets. There are always options you can choose from the long menu list available. For appetizers, you can take the French fries, chicken nuggets, fried zucchini, cheese wontons, etc. Other options on the menu include white rice, fried rice, egg drop soup, Lo Mein, etc. The restaurant is located in a serene environment and is an ideal place for a little get-together.

With the option of home delivery, you can order for a large family meal. This meal consists of 2 appetizers, 5 large entrees, and 3 large sides. This is ideal for a little family gathering at home with a feel of the best Chinese buffet combo.

Address:7406 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ

How Can You Enjoy a Buffet The Most?

Going to a buffet is different from visiting any regular restaurants around. So you need to make the most of it to ensure that you get maximum fun. Here are some things you can do to enjoy a buffet more when next you visit.

  • Pick a bit of every meal: While normal restaurants are meant for just eating one or two large meals, buffets offer you the opportunity to taste different meals at once. You get to eat appetizers, main meals, and desserts all in one meal. Nothing beats the pleasure of having to taste a bit of all available meals in the buffet.
  • Enjoy your freedom: Exploring the different dishes available on a buffet menu list is one of the fun of visiting a buffet. You shouldn’t settle for eating just a meal. You can take your time to look through the menu list and make your choice. Be sure to explore all the available options so that you enjoy your best moment in the buffet.
  • Don’t stuff yourself… at first: It is not advisable to just stuff yourself with the first menu. This is because buffets usually keep cooking new dishes even as you eat. This way, you will have room for tastier dishes when they are ready. The more the dishes you are able to taste, the more fun it gets.
  • Make new friends: It wouldn’t just make sense when you visit a buffet and just be too attached to your seat. It’s better to move around and meet people. Most people who visit buffets do so with friends and family to have a nice time and have fun. This is also an opportunity to blend in and make new friends. You can invite someone to your table or join a table to get familiar with them.

Enjoy Some of the Best Food in Phoenix With These Buffets!

Phoenix is a place where you can enjoy interesting cultural activities, amazing people and – most importantly – some of the best food you can imagine. These foods bring about cultural values and also serve as a way to unite both families and friends. It is for this reason that we have carefully selected some of the best buffets where you can get these awesome experiences.

These buffets offer different varieties of foods in environments that are great for kids too. Another amazing feature is the fact that they are also cost-friendly. So, when next you visit Phoenix in Arizona, you can stop by at any of the buffets and give yourself a nice treat.

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