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11 Best Dance Clubs in AZ: Detailed Reviews (2022 Updated)

There are over 60,000 Bars and Nightclubs in the US. If you’re located in Arizona, your choice of places to dance and let yourself go is not as wide, but choosing the right spot can quickly get overwhelming. This is why we’ve decided to conduct extensive research and find the best dance club in AZ.

This article also includes a detailed list of the top competitors to the best club. You’ll find all of the necessary information about the top clubs’ vibes and stories, as well as their locations and social media links. By providing this info, we hope that every reader can find the right spot for their dancing needs. Enjoy the reading!

The Best Dance Club in AZ

While there are hundreds of dance clubs you can visit in Arizona, there’s one spot that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

This is why we proclaim Club Dwntwn the best dance club in AZ. You can find out more about it below:

Club Dwntwn

Club Dwntwn
Credit: @clubdwntwnphx

Advertised as the hottest Hispanic spot in the state, Club Dwntwn welcomes all races, genders, and sexual orientations through their doors. The only reason that can get anyone kicked out the door is not loving Buchanan’s whisky. If you’re a fan of Mexican music and culture, you’ll love the place.

Located in downtown Phoenix, just like the name suggests, Club Dwntwn is the host to the best Latin Saturdays in the world.

Just remember that the place enforces a dress code before you go there; no sandals are allowed on the premises. Like with any other club in the state, all patrons need to be 21 or older to enter. Another important thing to note before visiting Dwntwn is that the General Admissions price is $10, cash only at the door.

If you want to skip the line, you can do so by opting for one of their VIP EXPERIENCE packages. Starting from $175 (with a $100 bottle included), you can find out more about VIP packages and make reservations by emailing the Dwntwn Club at [email protected].

How We Picked the Best Dance Club AZ Offers

While creating the list above, the following factors were considered:

  • The offer – the first thing taken into consideration while creating this list was the variety of services all dance clubs in Arizona offer. Clubs that accommodate different types of tastes had an advantage over those that stick with a single service.
  • Reputation – both online reviews and the talks around town were considered during the development of this list.
  • Customer Service – most of the dance clubs on the list were contacted over social media in order to determine how responsive and accommodating their staff is.

10 More Best Dance Clubs in AZ

Even what the best dance club AZ has to offer can’t match everyone’s taste. For this reason, we’ve created a list of 10 more dancing spots to visit in Arizona.

1. Bar Smith

Bar Smith
Credit: @barsmithphx

If you’re after an energetic place that plays hip hop and house beats, Bar Smith is the spot for you. One of the hottest clubs in Arizona, this spot is situated in Downtown Phoenix, occupying two levels and a rooftop.

This is definitely not a club you go to sit in and sip on a drink while casually chatting with your friends. Bar Smith’s entire atmosphere will have you dancing and jumping around the place in a matter of minutes, regardless of how introverted you might think you are.

Top-notch DJs, a gorgeous rooftop bar with a view of Downton Phoenix, and an amazing vibe are just some of the reasons Bar Smith should be your next dancing spot. The club is open Wednesday through Saturday. Expect to pay a $10-15 ticket for organized events and performances.

2. Wasted Grain

Wasted Grain
Credit: @wastedgrainscottsdale

Wasted Grain is a whole different end of the spectrum from the previously listed Arizona clubs. This Scottsdale staple has a 3,000 square feet garden where you can chill with pets, as well as two stages. The first floor is dedicated to live bands, while the second floor is where EDM, VIP tables, and the club culture as we know it kicks in.

Whatever your preference, Wasted Grain can accommodate it. If you want to jump and scream to 80s rock music or go wild with the latest electronic beats, they’ve got you covered. Afterward, you can chill in the garden until you’re ready for more partying. You can also grab a bite while chilling between the dance sessions.

Due to the extravagance and their offer, Wasted Grain is commonly compared to Las Vegas clubs. You can check out their prices here.

3. The Duce

The Duce
Credit: @theduce

Downtown Phoenix is filled with excellent dance clubs, as The Duce is another Arizona dance club bringing us back to the area.

The interesting thing about this joint is the fact that its location used to be one of the major booze warehouses during the prohibition era.

Today, The Duce specializes in hosting amazing live events, from rock to hip hop varieties and everything in between. In addition, they are a famous wedding and corporate venue. The club section is open on weekends, so make sure you don’t get your nights mixed.

In addition to live music, The Duce is also famous for hosting Swing, Latin, and Burlesque nights. You might even be lucky enough to run into several of these events in the same night while strolling between the different sections of this glorious AZ dance club.

4. The Rhythm Room

The Rhythm Room
Credit: @rhythmroom

For those after even more live music, Rhythm Room is one of the best dance places in the entire state of Arizona. Whether you’re a roots, blues, rock, jazz, or any similar music genre fan, this place has been hosting live concerts since 1991 and doing it well.

The old-school vibe with vintage clothes flashing all over the place, excellent music, friendly staff, and affordable prices are just some of the reasons you should visit the Rhythm Room today. In addition to great music, Rhythm Room also serves some amazing barbecue.

Remember that the place only opens when there are scheduled concerts. Check out their Instagram page listed above for more info on events. You won’t be able to enter the establishment without an ID that proves you’re 21 or older.

Tickets for all of Rhythm Room’s events are $15 or less.

5. Gypsy Bar

Gypsy Bar
Credit: @gypsybarphx

Situated right next to the CityScape in Downton Phoenix, Gypsy Bar is one of the largest dance clubs in Arizona. You’ll have more than 10,000 square feet of dancing space to show off your moves.

The island-like vibes, plush sofas for when you decide to take a break from dancing, and numerous cocktail specials are just some of the characteristics that make Gypsy Bar one of the Phoenix clubbing scene’s favorites.

Go-go dancers, a state-of-the art DJ booth, and more than 40 arcade games available in the gaming lounge are more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest visitors.

You’d never expect to find a place like Gypsy Bar in the middle of the business district. Pay them a visit and see for yourself what another one of the best dancing spots in AZ looks and feels like.

6. Maya Clubhouse

Maya Clubhouse
Credit: @clubhouseatmaya

If you’re looking for a dancing opportunity and it’s not nighttime yet, Maya Clubhouse is the spot for you.

With more than 20,000 square feet of outdoor area, this clubhouse offers both day and nighttime entertainment. In addition to dancing, you can enjoy their restaurant and beer garden or play any of the dozens of games available on the premises.

There’s also a swimming pool that’s the center of all happenings that occur during the day. At night, the place lights up, and the dance floor starts calling your name even harder.

While no live bands play at the Maya Clubhouse, world-renowned DJs are commonly present. You can also book all types of private parties for groups of 10-500 people at this special place.

7. Monarch Theatre

Monarch Theatre
Credit: @monarchtheatre

Heavy bass, deep house, and EDM music fans will love visiting Monarch Theatre in Downtown Phoenix. In business since 2012, this place has undergone multiple major renovations, making it into what it is today: one of Arizona’s premier dance clubs.

With world-renowned DJs and state-of-the art lighting and sound technologies, Monarch Theatre guarantees to provide its visitors with some of the most memorable nights of their lives.

An upstairs area is available for lounging and relaxation between dancing sessions.

All of these elements are more than enough to attract dancers and influencers not only from Phoenix, but from across the state lines.

Keep in mind that casual to evening formal wear is mandatory. A t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers will leave you stranded at the door.

8. Karamba Nightclub

Karamba Nightclub
Credit: @karambaphx

Looking for a Latin gay bar or a dance club? Look no further, as Karamba Nightclub offers a friendly and modern environment for you.

Karamba Nightclub is the place to be for those who are into having fun while dancing, singing karaoke, or watching one of the dozen shows that the club has on display most days of the week.

Amazing drink specials, drag shows, male and female dancers, and world-class DJs are some of the reasons that everyone should visit this Phoenix staple at least once in their lifetime. They also happen to offer tacos, which is a great bonus.

Winning the Best of Phoenix award 11 times during the last 17 years, Karamba Nightclub’s quality is definitely not something you should miss out on, regardless of your sexual orientation.

9. Crescent Ballroom

Crescent Ballroom
Credit: @crescentphx

Can’t decide whether you want to go out to a restaurant, a bar, or a dance club? Have no worry, as the Crescent Ballroom offers all of those elements under one roof.

Live bands, DJs, and tons of various other artists take the stage at the Ballroom up to 7 days a week, making each night more interesting than the previous. There’s something for everyone, from hip hop artists, indie bands, and DJs to country performers.

As the name suggests, Crescent Ballroom is dancing-focused. This means that there are no chairs to sit on, so be prepared to keep dancing until your legs give out from under you.

While no strict dress code is required, smart footwear is a must. This is mostly for safety and liability reasons, the staff explains.

A great bonus is that the club also has an underage section that doesn’t serve alcohol.

10. Lalo’s Cantina & Dancing

For those in love with old-school dance halls, Lalo’s Cantina & Dancing is a dream come true.

This place offers live music and entertainment, as well as amazing food and reasonably priced drinks. What more can we ask for?

Social media presence and online marketing aren’t something that interests the owners of Lalo’s Cantina & Dancing. Those who want to book a spot at the venue will have to either show up in person a day before, just like in the olden days or call +16022531376 and make a reservation.

Believe us, all of the effort is worth it.

If you happen to love karaoke Fridays and you think they aren’t enough, you’ll be thrilled to find out that Lalo’s Cantina & Dancing also has karaoke Sundays.

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