Seafood Restaurants in Arizona

Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Arizona, AZ

Tourists in Arizona may be harder to spot than you think because even residents dress casually in shorts and t-shirts and snap numerous photos of the state’s breathtaking natural scenery. Arizona’s steep gorges and high mountains provide some of the country’s most spectacular and unusual landscapes.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and it’s simple to see why when you see it in person. A natural wonder in and of itself, the climate attracts winter travelers looking for a late taste of summer with its hot and dry

Arizona isn’t very well-known for its seafood establishments. After all, we do live in a landlocked state that is primarily comprised of the desert. As a result of this setback, Arizona has an unexpectedly large number of seafood restaurants that provide some of the tastiest cuisines you can get in a state that isn’t directly adjacent to the ocean.

Here’s our pick of the best seafood restaurants in Arizona! We hope you enjoy the best seafood in Arizona with this handpicked selection of restaurants.

Top 10 seafood restaurants in Arizona – Our selection

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen – Phoenix, AZ

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen – Phoenix, AZ 1
Credit: @prettyambitiousnina
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen – Phoenix, AZ 2
Credit: @aimeekakes40

Seafood, steaks, and salads are served in generous servings at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, a New Orleans-style restaurant. Authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine are available at the restaurant. It’s easy to bring the family to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen because of the relaxed ambiance and outdoor dining available.

This family-run restaurant is proud to carry on the great food and service legacy started by Harris and Chris Pappas’ grandpa. The eatery offers fried alligators and huge crab cakes as appetizers. The restaurant’s delectable Louisiana gumbo, crawfish and rice dishes, grilled lobster tail, and filet mignon are just some of the delicious options available.

To go along with your dinner, they serve delectable desserts and a selection of wine and other beverages. When it comes to catering private dining events, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is a fantastic choice. They have a gluten-free menu available for those who need it.

Address: 11051 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ

Bluewater Grill – Phoenix, AZ

Bluewater Grill – Phoenix, AZ 1
Credit: @bluewatergrill
Bluewater Grill – Phoenix, AZ 2
Credit: @bluewatergrill

With a nautical theme, Bluewater Grill offers a wide selection of seafood dishes. The restaurant is located on Camelback Road near the Biltmore Hotel between 16th Street and the 51 Freeway in Central Phoenix, where the historic Fish Market had stood.

The objective of Bluewater Grill is to provide outstanding food at a fair price in a casual setting with competent and courteous staff. In their printed menus, they feature over 40 different kinds of fresh seafood and shellfish every year. Every second Tuesday of the month, the ‘Bluewater Grill’ offers a series of seafood sampling and wine-pairing events.

Private dining rooms are available, as are meals tailored to your preferences and budget. Come in and get hooked on some of Central Phoenix’s best fresh, sustainable seafood. There’s an oyster/sushi bar, a full bar, happy hour, private event spaces, and a fresh fish market for guests to enjoy.

Address: 1525 E Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ

King’s Fish House – Tempe, AZ

King's Fish House – Tempe, AZ 1
Credit: @kingsfishhouse
King's Fish House – Tempe, AZ 2
Credit: @kingsfishhouse

The King’s Fish House in Tempe is a local institution. Shellfish, seasonal fish, and sushi are all available on the menu at their renowned Tempe Marketplace location. They also offer a fantastic oyster bar with more than 2.5 million oysters from the East and West coasts. The quantities at King’s Fish House are huge, and the sides are delectable, so you’ll be satisfied when you leave.

King’s Fish House serves only the freshest fish and seafood. King’s Fish House is driven by a desire to provide clients with the freshest seasonal options and an atmosphere that fosters friendship, celebration, and everything else they love. Oysters are shucked fresh to order, live Maine lobster is served, sushi is available, and other delicacies from around the United States.

Address: 35 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ

Buck & Rider – Phoenix, AZ

Buck & Rider – Phoenix, AZ 1
Credit: @buckandrider
Buck & Rider – Phoenix, AZ 2
Credit: @buckandrider

Buck & Rider received great praise when it first opened its doors in 2015 for its commitment to bringing in fresh fish every day. Since everything is flown in from the east, west, and Gulf Coasts, the restaurant has developed good relationships with local fishers and farmers.

You can enjoy a different menu everyday depending on the season, the weather, and the fish available. All of the fish and oysters are cut fresh daily and rotated on the menu.

As part of the restaurant’s steak menu, LGO Reserve beef will be used, the first private label USDA-certified brand in Arizona.

There will be live music at Buck & Rider’s brunch, as well as a happy hour (including the well-known Abby’s Oyster Bar). Guests may look forward to a comprehensive signature cocktail menu, as well as a premium well drink program during happy hour.

There’s also Voodoo Fried Rice, Ahi Tuna Crispy Rice, Baja Shrimp Ceviche, Hand-Rolled Sushi, Steak Tartar, and Smoked Trout Dip to enjoy as you drink.

Address: 4225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Seafood Market & Restaurant – Phoenix, AZ

Seafood Market & Restaurant – Phoenix, AZ 1
Credit: @chula_seafood
Seafood Market & Restaurant – Phoenix, AZ 2
Credit: @chula_seafood

For starters at Seafood Market & Restaurant, try the king crab butter jar, which comes with buttery grilled bread; the “bacon & eggs,” which is prepared with housemade sturgeon bacon and served with crème Fraiche on toast; or the grilled octopus with crispy masa, watercress, and charred serrano peppers. Among the main dishes you will find grilled loup de Mer with artichoke, shallot, and grilled ahi tuna with a mushroom ginger dumpling, dishes that are really hard to find and that you will be able to enjoy in generous portions.

Address: 3406 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ

Angry Crab Shack – Mesa, AZ

Angry Crab Shack – Mesa, AZ
Credit: @angrycrabshack

Angry Crab Shack has everything you are looking for. At this restaurant you’re going to be able to enjoy some of the hottest sauces you can imagine for eating seafood, and you’re really going to love it! If you are looking for a restaurant that offers some of the hottest sauces on the market for eating crab, shrimp and crawfish, Angry Crab Shack is the restaurant to go to.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy catering services in this restaurant, where you will be able to organize all kinds of meetings and delegate to their specialists the job of selecting the right catering. Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy large business meetings or celebrations, always with the right atmosphere for every occasion. The variety of dishes available are not only seafood, but also of all kinds, including of course vegetarian options.

Address: 2740 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ

Salt Cellar Restaurant – Scottsdale, AZ

Salt Cellar Restaurant – Scottsdale, AZ 1
Credit: @saltcellarrestaurant
Salt Cellar Restaurant – Scottsdale, AZ 2
Credit: @saltcellarrestaurant

The Salt Cellar is not very well known, but still an excellent restaurant. A total of three flights of stairs are required to access this underground eatery. At The Salt Cellar you will be able to enjoy a menu that changes depending on the time of year and the fish or seafood available at any given time, because the chefs of this restaurant always choose fresh fish and seafood freshly caught by fishermen in the region. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of exquisitely cooked dishes. Their special is the Shrimp San Remo, which includes sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

Address: 550 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill – Gilbert, AZ

High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill – Gilbert, AZ 1
Credit: @hightideseafoodbar
High Tide Seafood Bar and Grill – Gilbert, AZ 2
Credit: @hightideseafoodbar

High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill is more than simply a seafood restaurant; it also serves various other dishes. They also provide meat dishes and a wide variety of tasteful beverages. There are some excellent steaks and chops at this Gilbert restaurant, but it’s also famed for its seafood. Their famous steam pot specialties, such as gumbo and seafood pasta, are cooked in a steam kettle. It’s also a must-try to sample the restaurant’s house specialties such as Alaskan king crab and seared tuna with jumbo scallops and butter sauce.

Address: 2540 S Val Vista Dr, Gilbert, AZ

Ocean Trail – Scottsdale, AZ

Ocean Trail – Scottsdale, AZ 1
Credit: @ocean44
Ocean Trail – Scottsdale, AZ 2
Credit: @ocean44

There are very few restaurants in the Phoenix area like Ocean Trail, which provides fresh, flavorful seafood seasoned with aromatic Creole spices and traditional New Orleans favorites.

On the Ocean Trail you can enjoy Cajun-style boils, raw oysters, and steamers cooked by some of Arizona’s best chefs. Whatever you want is produced fresh in front of you at the open cooking station to your specifications on a spiciness scale ranging from 1 to 10. At Talking Stick Resort’s Ocean Trail, diners can indulge in fine dining Cajun cuisine or the greatest seafood in Scottsdale.

Ocean Trail’s happy hour, which runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, features specialty cocktails and a drink menu.

Address: 9800 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ

Taylor’s Chowder House – Phoenix, AZ

Taylor's Chowder House – Phoenix, AZ 1
Taylor's Chowder House – Phoenix, AZ 2

At Taylor’s Chowder House in Phoenix, Arizona, you can have a full and delectable surf and turf meal. Fresh ingredients and unique seafood alternatives are the focus of this business, which has been around for more than 30 years. Start with a giant shrimp cocktail and finish with spicy Cajun catfish for a filling meal. Wine and handmade bread pudding are the perfect way to end the night.

Each dish on the menu at Taylor’s Chowder House has been hand-picked by the restaurant’s chefs, who make it daily from scratch. Guests can choose a wide range of wines and beers to go along with the restaurant’s delectable seafood meals, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Taylor’s Chowder House is known for its hearty food and enticing aromas. Be sure you don’t miss it!

Address: 3538 W Calavar Rd, Phoenix, AZ

What to Look For in a Seafood Restaurant?

Many people in Arizona love seafood, and that hasn’t changed throughout time. There’s always someone eating seafood someplace in Arizona, whether it’s in Buck and Rider for the lobster and other fresh seafood or one of the many excellent seafood restaurants. For those new to Arizona to do some homework ahead to uncover the greatest seafood in town. As a result, keep reading for some pointers on how to choose a great seafood restaurant for you and your family.

  • Top-class cuisine: The best seafood to buy is always that which is of the highest quality. Always keep in mind that if you are trying to save money by buying from low-class cuisine, the quality won’t be as excellent, and you’ll be putting your health and the health of your family in danger by doing so.
  • An excellent environment: Customers care a lot about how a restaurant makes them feel overall. If you feel uneasy while dining, then you are unlikely to return. It’s a proven fact that a pleasant eating experience is just as likely to keep a customer coming back for more as great food.
  • A great location: A restaurant in the right place can make you enjoy your meal twice as much. Ease of access, peaceful surroundings and pleasant views can make your experience truly delightful.
  • Friendly staff: One of the best ways to choose a seafood restaurant is to note how well its workforce is. A well-trained and motivated crew will keep operations running smoothly and cost-effectively, making customers feel as comfortable as possible.


In Arizona, top seafood restaurants have something distinctive to offer their customers, such as fresh oysters, great seafood, and a unique dining environment. Although there are large, vast restaurants and small, intimate seafood joints that are both pricey and reasonably priced as well as new and old, they all have one thing in common: they offer exceptionally fresh fish and shellfish. Certain attractions may be closed for a while or may require reservations in advance. There are several eateries that are currently only offering pick-up. The hours and availability may have changed.

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