Tattoo Shops in Arizona

Top 10 Tattoo Shops in Arizona to Get the Best Tattoo

If you are traveling around the US, the Grand Canyon must be on your bucket list for sure. The state of Arizona which is home to the majestic Grand Canyon is a vast and ancient land enriched with beautiful hues and mesmerizing geology.

You would be surprised to see a state with such a diverse landscape. You will see loud rushing rivers, primeval lakes and, sandy beaches. You will also get to see the ponderosa pines and take in the sights of the captivating snow-capped mountains.

The state is a beautiful mix of contrasting sights and a trip around it will give you the adventure of a lifetime and also let you enjoy the urban persona of the state. A hike along the Grand Canyon or the Alpine forests is a good fit for the adventurous soul, while a long drive on the famous historic Route 66 will take you along a path to the Old West’s history. For sophisticated tourists, the state offers luxury spas and high-end retail stores and boutiques.

In addition to all its charms, Arizona is home to many skilled tattoo artists and tattoo parlors that offer unique and excellent tattooing services. The artists working in these parlors excel at their craft and are consistent in terms of quality of work while adhering to safety and health standards.

If you are a local or visiting Arizona and are interested in getting a tattoo, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top ten tattoo shops from where you can get the best tattoo services.

Here’s our list of the top 10 tattoo shops in Arizona

Hotrod Tattoo – Chandler, AZ

Hotrod Tattoo 1
Credit: @hotrodtattooaz
Hotrod Tattoo 2
Credit: @hotrodtattooaz

Situated in Downtown Chandler Arizona, Hotrod Tattoo, also known as HRT, is considered one of the best tattoo shops in the area. It has been operational since 2000 and is one of the pioneers in the field. The place is popular for its very professional, accommodating, and super-friendly staff.

Currently, HRT offers high-level tattooing and precision body piercing. The tattooing services are offered by a dedicated team of 7 tattoo artists. You can discuss the design in length and choose which tattoo artist you would feel more comfortable working with. You can take time to assess your design options and then schedule an appointment for the tattoo work in person or via the website.

You can also get a body piercing from two piercing artists with a combined 30 years of experience. However, as body piercing is not the primary business of Hotrod, you may not find readily available jewelry selection as compared to a dedicated body piercing shop.

Address: 801 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ

Club Tattoo Tempe – Tempe, AZ

Club Tattoo Tempe 1
Credit: @clubtattootempe
Club Tattoo Tempe 2
Credit: @clubtattootempe

The second on our list is Club Tattoo which is situated in Tempe, Arizona. It has been around since 1995 and has made quite a mark in the tattoo and piercing industry. The business is currently operating in six locations across Nevada and Arizona. Club Tattoo has a fierce fan following that is consistently growing.

One of the main contributing factors towards its success and popularity is the use of patented Interactive Tattoo touch screens through which you can create your tattoo and give it a personal touch. Moreover, it also has a patent in body jewelry design enabling it to provide high-quality services to customers.

Currently, the Tempe Arizona outlet has a team of 5 dedicated professional tattoo artists. If you choose to get a tattoo from Club Tattoo, professional tattoo artists will collaborate with you to draw or sketch the tattoo. You can scroll through the digital tattoo portfolio to select something to your liking. If you want to get a personally designed tattoo, get an appointment today.

Address: 825 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ

27 Tattoo Studio – Phoenix, AZ

27 Tattoo Studio 1
Credit: @27tattoostudio_phx
27 Tattoo Studio 2
Credit: @27tattoostudio_phx

27 Tattoo is a dedicated high-end dedicated custom tattoo studio in Downtown Phoenix Arizona. The business first opened its doors in 2010 and there has been no stopping since. The business is solely dedicated to tattooing only.

One aspect that makes 27 Tattoo stand out is its enhanced focus on cleanliness and hygiene. The brand uses disposable tubes to eliminate any risks of cross-contamination or the spread of infection. Moreover, the staff is certified in BPP/cross-contamination procedures.

It enjoys a good repute for its custom-built designs with an enhanced customer experience. You can choose to work with any one of the seven professional tattoo artists at 27 Tattoo Studio. Services are offered through scheduled appointments only.

Address: 600 N 4th St #141, Phoenix, AZ

Golden Rule Tattoo – Phoenix, AZ

Golden Rule Tattoo 1
Credit: @goldenruletattoo
Golden Rule Tattoo 2
Credit: @goldenruletattoo

Golden Rule has been considered one of the best tattoo shops in Arizona for 7 years. Currently, the business is operating in two locations in Arizona. Golden Rule has over a dozen tattoo artists, all of whom have been trained in sterilization procedures and blood-borne pathogens.

Knowing that you are in safe hands is a priority when it comes to tattooing and Golden Rule claims to address that concern through the adoption of high-level hygiene standards. As per customers’ reviews, the environment is friendly and the shop is well lit and clean.

Address: 918 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ

High Noon Tattoo – Phoenix, AZ

High Noon Tattoo 1
Credit: @highnoontattoofl
High Noon Tattoo 2
Credit: @highnoontattoofl

You can find High Noon Tattoo in central Phoenix, Arizona. Owned and operated by a tattoo artist himself, the shop has a team of nine highly professional tattoo artists, who can help you not only customize a design but will also make you feel comfortable.

You can avail of services via scheduled appointment. However, High Noon Tattoo caters to walk-ins as well. If you want to make an appointment for a consultation or to get a tattoo, you can get it done online by visiting this link. You will be taken to a page where you can enter all the required details from preferred tattoo artists to preferred appointment times.

Address: 4215 N 16th St #9, Phoenix, AZ

Om Ink Gallery – Phoenix, AZ

Om Ink Gallery 1
Credit: @ominkgallery
Om Ink Gallery 2
Credit: @ominkgallery

Om Ink Gallery was formed in 2013 as a tattoo studio and fine arts gallery. Situated in Phoenix Arizona, the business is also operating in Goodyear. The studio’s primary focus is tattoo designs and it does not offer body piercing services. The Phoenix shop has a total of five tattoo artists. If you visit the official website, you can see the portfolio of every single artist via a link to their respective Instagram accounts.

The tattoo artists have specialized skills in various kinds of tattoo designs including floral patterns, portraits, realism, Japanese, and others. The line of focus is providing one-of-a-kind, unique tattoo designs to clients so the artists spend considerable time giving shape to the ideas through sketching. The business caters to walk-in customers; however, preference is given to scheduled appointments booked in advance.

Address: 1805 N 91st Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Lady Luck Tattoo Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ

Lady Luck Tattoo Phoenix 1
Credit: @peightonflash_tattoos
Lady Luck Tattoo Phoenix 2
Credit: @peightonflash_tattoos

Lady Luck Tattoo is an all-ladies modern tattoo parlor located in the arts district in downtown Phoenix Arizona. The business was initiated by Heather Alvin in 2006 who also works as a tattoo artist. The tattoo services are offered by four distinctively experienced tattoo artists including the owner. The shop offers piercing services as well and sells original accessories.

The custom tattoo services by Lady Luck are admired for their creativity, play with colors and shades and the depth of work, and receive rave reviews for the quality of work. The business is also admired for professionalism and adherence to cleanliness standards. Currently, Lady Luck caters services through appointments only. However, services can be provided outside of regular working hours by contacting the artist in advance. If you are visiting Arizona and planning to get a tattoo, do give Lady Luck a try.

Address: 1301 w NW Grand Ave #3, Phoenix, AZ

Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback – Phoenix, AZ

Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback 1
Credit: @goldenruletattoo
Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback 2
Credit: @goldenruletattoo

Golden Rule Tattoo welcomes its customers with a lovely “We’re nice” sign. This sets a great tone for the customer’s experience and gives quite a friendly vibe. Golden Rule Tattoo is house to Arizona’s best tattoo artist award for 7 years and was voted the best tattoo shop as well.

If you visit the Golden Rule website, you will find around 19 tattoo artists with their respective portfolios that you can check out before deciding from whom you want to get your tattoo. All the artists are trained in sterilization procedures and for blood-borne pathogens, thereby ensuring that your experience is comfortable and safe. Services are offered via appointments so when you have selected your desired tattoo artist, you can discuss the design in detail.

Address: 4802 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

AZ Ink – Chandler, AZ

AZ Ink 1
Credit: @az.inktattoos
AZ Ink 2
Credit: @az.inktattoos

Situated in Chandler Arizona, AZ Ink provides a diverse range of tattoo designs and piercing services. Its design range includes custom freehand, color, black and grey, portraits, and custom tribal, Japanese, Aztec, old school, and new school. The business adheres to the regulations of the city of Chandler as well as the requirements by OSHA.

Established in 2016, being a relatively newer setup, AZ Ink houses three tattoo artists who are all well experienced as well as certified for First Aid and Blood Borne pathogens. Therefore, if you are considering getting a tattoo from AZ Ink, you can be sure to get professional and clean services at good prices. AZ Ink can also provide tattoo services to minors considering they have parental consent.

Address: 920 N Arizona Ave #1, Chandler, AZ

Living Canvas Tattoos – Tempe, AZ

Living Canvas Tattoos 1
Credit: @lvgcvs
Living Canvas Tattoos 2
Credit: @lvgcvs

The last on the list is perhaps the oldest player in the field. Established in 1993, Living Canvas Tattoo has its shop in Tempe Arizona. It was the first studio in downtown Tempe. The tattoo studio provides award-winning services to diverse clients and specializes in custom tattooing. A large number of positive reviews are a testimony to its outstanding high-quality services.

The studio has five in-house tattoo artists all of whom have extensive experience and work with you to provide custom designs according to your desire. Living Canvas provides services via appointments and caters to walk-in. Therefore if you are visiting the area and decide to get a tattoo on a whim, Living Canvas can serve you well.

Address: 930 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ

Some Advice Before You Get Your Tattoo

You do not need to worry about getting a tattoo from any of the above-mentioned tattoo shops. The tattoo parlors adhere to the highest cleanliness and safety standards. The artists are equipped with the requisite training for first aid as well as blood-borne pathogens, so you do not have to worry about the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

However, there are a few things you need to take care of at your end to make sure that your tattooing experience is smooth and enjoyable. Let’s have a look at them

  • Avoid aspirins a week before your tattoo.Do not take aspirin during the week after which you will be getting a tattoo. Aspirin is a blood-thinning agent and may prevent the blood from clotting. Therefore, avoiding aspirin for a week will help your blood clot faster.
  • Rest for 1-2 days after getting your tattoo.When you get a tattoo, it is advised to rest and avoid doing strenuous physical exercise for at least 2 days. You must give time for your wound to heal properly. Therefore, you may need to take it easy for a couple of days.
  • Avoid your tattoo getting in contact with Hotel sheets.An important part of aftercare after getting tattooed is to take care of it so that it heals properly. If you are touring the state, you may be in and out of hotels. During your stay, it is better to take caution and avoid exposing your tattoo and prevent it from getting in contact with hotel sheets. This will help you prevent infection.
  • Always follow the instructions of your tattoo artist.Listen to your tattoo artists. They are skilled at what they do and know what’s best for you. Take note of the aftercare instructions and the precautions they tell you. You will thank yourself later.

What are you waiting for to get an unforgettable tattoo in Arizona?

Getting a tattoo is a memorable experience. Your tattoo may tell a story or have an underlying meaning. You can get inked to give a tribute to a loved one or to mark a memory. However, that is not all there is to getting tattooed. Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to do something fun and adventurous, and getting inked should be about that too.

At the end of a tattoo session, you will be etched with a design that will stay with you for life. It is thus important to get tattooed from an artist whose work speaks for itself and a parlor that provides professional and clean services.

If you are in Arizona and thinking to get tattooed, our list can be a useful guide for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get an unforgettable tattoo in any of these tattoo studios in Arizona and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

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