Can You Use Tsa Precheck With Conditional Approval?

Going through airport security can be a hassle, especially if you travel frequently. That’s why many travelers opt for TSA PreCheck, which offers expedited screening. But what if you have conditional approval for PreCheck? Can you still use the faster security lanes or will you get turned away?

The short answer is yes, you can use TSA PreCheck with conditional approval. However, there are some important things to keep in mind and steps you may need to take.

What is Conditional TSA PreCheck Approval?

Conditional approval is a temporary status granted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to applicants for the TSA PreCheck program. It allows individuals to enjoy expedited security screening at airports while their background checks are still being processed.

This means that even though you haven’t received full approval yet, you can still benefit from the perks of TSA PreCheck.

Meaning of conditional approval

Conditional approval signifies that the initial stages of your TSA PreCheck application have been completed successfully. At this stage, the TSA has conducted a preliminary review of your application and determined that you meet the basic eligibility requirements for the program.

However, before granting full approval, the TSA needs to conduct a more thorough background check.

This conditional approval status allows you to use TSA PreCheck lanes at participating airports while you wait for the final approval. This means you can enjoy benefits such as keeping your shoes on, leaving your laptop in your bag, and avoiding the hassle of removing your liquids and gels during security screening.

How to get conditional approval

To obtain conditional approval for TSA PreCheck, you need to follow a simple application process. First, you need to fill out an online application form on the TSA website. The form will require you to provide personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and contact details.

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at a TSA PreCheck enrollment center. During your appointment, you’ll be fingerprinted and have your identification verified.

The TSA will also conduct a background check to ensure you meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) and be granted conditional approval. With your KTN, you can begin using TSA PreCheck lanes immediately, even before your final approval is granted.

Please note that the TSA may still deny your final approval if any issues arise during the more extensive background check. It’s important to provide accurate and truthful information during the application process to avoid any complications.

For more information on the TSA PreCheck program and the application process, you can visit the official TSA website at www.tsa.gov/precheck.

Can You Use PreCheck Lanes with Conditional Approval?

Conditional approval is a temporary status given to individuals who have applied for the TSA PreCheck program but are still undergoing the necessary background checks. While you may have received conditional approval, it is important to note that it does not grant you immediate access to the PreCheck lanes at airport security checkpoints.

Rules for using PreCheck with conditional clearance

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), individuals with conditional approval are not eligible to use the PreCheck lanes until their application is fully processed and approved.

This means that even if you have received conditional approval, you will still need to go through the regular security screening process.

During the regular screening process, you will need to remove your shoes, belt, and jacket, as well as take out your laptop and liquids from your carry-on bag. You will also be required to go through the standard metal detector or body scanner.

It is important to note that conditional approval does not guarantee final approval. The TSA conducts thorough background checks on applicants, and if any red flags or concerns are raised during the process, your application may be denied.

What to expect at airport screening

When you arrive at the airport, you will need to present your boarding pass and identification to the TSA officer at the security checkpoint. If you have received conditional approval, you may notice a special mark or indicator on your boarding pass, but this does not grant you access to the PreCheck lanes.

If you are approved for PreCheck after your conditional approval, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) which you can enter when booking your flights. This will enable you to use the PreCheck lanes for expedited screening in the future.

It is important to keep in mind that the TSA PreCheck program is designed to enhance security and expedite the screening process for low-risk travelers. If you have conditional approval, it is a sign that the TSA is still reviewing your application and ensuring your eligibility for the program.

To stay updated on the status of your application and to learn more about the TSA PreCheck program, you can visit the official TSA website at www.tsa.gov/precheck.

Tips for Using PreCheck with Conditional Approval

Arrive early to allow extra time

When using TSA PreCheck with conditional approval, it’s important to arrive at the airport early to allow for any additional screening that may be required. While PreCheck generally expedites the security process, those with conditional approval may be subject to random additional screening.

Arriving early ensures that you have enough time to go through these additional steps without feeling rushed or stressed.

Bring required documents

Make sure to bring all the necessary documents when using PreCheck with conditional approval. This includes your boarding pass and a valid government-issued ID. Additionally, if you have any documents related to your conditional approval, such as a letter or email confirmation, it’s a good idea to have them on hand in case they are requested by TSA agents.

Having these documents readily available will help streamline the process and reduce any potential delays.

Know what to expect

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what to expect when using PreCheck with conditional approval. While PreCheck typically allows for expedited screening, conditional approval may result in additional screening measures.

These measures can include a thorough bag inspection, a pat-down, or a swab test. Being aware of these possibilities beforehand can help you mentally prepare and ensure a smoother experience at the security checkpoint.

Be cooperative with TSA agents

Cooperating with TSA agents is crucial when using PreCheck with conditional approval. Remember, their role is to ensure the safety and security of all passengers. If you are selected for additional screening, remain calm and cooperative throughout the process.

Follow any instructions given to you and answer any questions truthfully. Being respectful and understanding will not only make the process smoother for you but also for the TSA agents involved.

How to Upgrade to Full TSA PreCheck Approval

Complete application process

To upgrade to full TSA PreCheck approval, the first step is to complete the application process. This can be done online by visiting the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) official website.

The application will require you to provide personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. You will also need to answer a series of questions about your travel history and criminal record.

It is important to provide accurate information during the application process to ensure a smooth approval process. Any false or misleading information can lead to a delay or denial of your TSA PreCheck application.

Schedule in-person appointment

Once you have completed the application process, the next step is to schedule an in-person appointment at a TSA PreCheck enrollment center. During this appointment, a TSA agent will verify your identity and review your documents.

It is important to bring the required documents, such as a valid passport or driver’s license, to your appointment.

The TSA PreCheck enrollment centers are located at various airports and other locations across the United States. You can find the nearest enrollment center and schedule your appointment on the TSA’s website.

Get fingerprinted

One of the requirements for full TSA PreCheck approval is to provide your fingerprints. At the in-person appointment, a TSA agent will take your fingerprints digitally. This process is quick and painless, and it helps the TSA verify your identity.

It is important to note that the fingerprints provided during the TSA PreCheck application process are only used for the purpose of verifying your identity and conducting a background check. They are not shared with any other agencies or organizations.

Check application status

After completing the application process and the in-person appointment, you will need to wait for the TSA to review and approve your application. The review process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the volume of applications.

To check the status of your TSA PreCheck application, you can visit the TSA’s website and use their online tool. You will need to provide your application ID and other personal information to access your application status.

It is important to remember that conditional approval does not guarantee full TSA PreCheck approval. The TSA may still conduct a thorough review of your application and may deny your full approval if they find any discrepancies or issues during the review process.

For more information on how to upgrade to full TSA PreCheck approval, you can visit the official TSA website at www.tsa.gov/precheck.


Having conditional approval for TSA PreCheck can make your airport experience easier, as long as you know what to expect. Be sure to arrive early, bring proper documentation, and cooperate fully with TSA agents. You can also upgrade to full approval by completing the PreCheck application process.

This will ensure you have guaranteed access to expedited screening lanes on every trip.

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