Here you’ll find a variety of guides on everything you need to know to prepare for setting up a temporary home at certain destinations, work productively, stay healthy while you’re on the move, travel more mindfully, and more. Here are some of my popular articles:

I’ve also created city-specific “Nomad Guides” that are written with the long-term visitor (like a digital nomad) in mind. The thing is, your travel needs, agendas, and priorities will differ when there’s a distinct separation between work and vacation fun, fun, fun; versus going to a destination to work and straddle the blurry line between being a tourist and a local. I don’t think we nomads ever quite become either, but we do have the luxury to juggle the best of both worlds.

These are all based on my experiences. They’re not quite the definitive guides, but I will constantly be updating and adding to them as I explore the world to share my experiences with you.