I’ve always been fascinated by Japan and its culture, ever since I was a nerdy little kid playing video games and watching anime. I finally got to visit Japan for the first time in 2013. To sum that trip up succinctly and poetically: “Dreams really do come true.”

I only got to stay a total of three weeks that time, but I had vowed to return someday and stay longer.

Well, that dream came true in 2015 when I spent more than four months in Japan, mainly in Tokyo, in my first year of nomading. I lived there with the perspective of how to make the most out of enjoying and seeing Japan through my anime-inspired googley eyes, and doing my best to live like a local while working.

I’m happy to share what I know (and will continue to learn) about all the cool, the weird, and the WTF with you.

Staying Fit and Healthy in Japan:

Living Like a Local: