Flowers That Are Related To Motherhood

13 Flowers That Are Related To Motherhood: Inspiring Bouquets To Offer

There are lots of popular holidays, and anniversaries people love to celebrate by offering gifts. However, when it comes to Mother’s Day, the presents should be simply outstanding. A flower arrangement would always be a sign of love and appreciation.

Choosing flowers should be a well-documented gesture, especially during the Mother’s Day celebration. Add an extra level of thoughtfulness when choosing a bouquet for your mother and understand better the meanings behind the perfumed plants.

Experts in symbolism will tell you more about mother’s favorite flowers and their pure meanings, so bear with us and keep on reading.

Flowers That Come From The Heart

Women love those flowers that come from the bottom of the heart and express love by their shapes and colors. It would be even better if they could snip the perfume of these plants right from their garden. But because not all of us are so lucky to have a beautiful garden, at least we can get to know the connection between flowers, memories, and feelings. This way, we will know what to offer our mothers.

So, no matter what flower arrangements you will choose, make sure your mom will appreciate them, and you will share the right love feelings. Once you learn more about these popular flowers and what they actually mean, we promise you that your mom will get a lovely present.

Lovely Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day

While many people think that flowers express almost the same lovely feelings, well, if you would study more, you would disagree. It is true that these perfumed plants are a fleeting gift. However, only some flower bouquets are the most inspiring to offer to mothers.

While a red rose is not a simple rose, and a tulip is not only Holland’s plant symbol, many other flowers have special meanings. And once choosing the right bouquet, you can show your mothers how much you love and care for them.

Whether you are planning to purchase these flowers from a florist or take care of your flower garden and make a personalized bouquet, this information will help you. Either way, the flowers on the list below will help give your mom a top gift.


Anemone Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @dutchflowerline_nyfg

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful, fragile, romantic, expressive flowers in the world? The Anemone beautiful purple flowers have two common meanings.

Speaking on a positive note, Anemone plants mean anticipation and hope. However, they can symbolize hopelessness, but you should not think about this when it comes to Mother’s Day, right?

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @francksvega

Birds of Paradise flowers are not very common, but exotic, unique, and colorful plants that mothers would surely love. As soon as you look at this flower, the plant resembles a bird in flight.

Hence its name is purely one-of-a-kind. The Bird Of Paradise flowers means excitement, wonder, and joyfulness when it comes to symbolism and meanings.

Personal opinion: Choosing a bouquet of Birds Of Paradise is a unique gesture that will simply stand out to your mum.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @color_fumi

Calla Lilies are pure and uniquely shaped flowers that people love to use mainly for wedding bouquets. The white color means innocence and purity, but the flower itself is a sign of beauty and magnificence.

Personal opinion: This combination of meanings will make Calla Lily the ideal combination for a Mother’s Day celebration bouquet.


Carnation Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @yumikokkowaflora

While people used to underestimate the symbolism of carnations among the flower world, the meanings behind these plants are robust and will make these bouquets bliss. Check these popular colors:

  • White Carnation

White Carnations are the symbol of pure love and innocence. If you want to tell your mother how lovely, kind and sweet she is, think about offering her a bouquet of white Carnations.

  • Pink Carnation

Pink is love at first sight, isn’t it? Considering this, Pink Carnations would be ideal for offering on Mother’s Day, as these flowers symbolize love for mothers. These flowers are also great for saying “I will always love you” without using any words.

  • Red Carnation

If you find yourself in constant admiration and appreciation for your mother, then consider adding some red carnations into your parent’s bouquet. Red carnations stand for respect, pride, and love.

  • Yellow or Striped Carnation

While some of you love the yellow shade in colors, I would recommend avoiding the yellow Carnations due to their negative connotations. Yellow carnations mean disappointment and disdain, while the striped ones are the symbol of refusal.


Tulips Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @flowerpassionflower

Tulips are by far one of the most delicate and frail flowers, ideal for offering during Mother’s Day. These fantastic plants are usually associated with Spring and Easter; however, tulips can also stand for comfort, coziness, eternal life, and pure happiness.

Tulips are rich in colors, so that they can vary from white to pink and orange. But each of these shades has its symbolism, which makes them unique.

  • Shades of Pink: If you want to share warmth, affection, and loving concern for your mother, then you can choose some pink tulips.
  • White Tulips stand for purity and sincere feeling.
  • Red tulips would be ideal for expressing admiration and deep love.
  • Cream tulips are more fragile, and they send the message of eternal love.
  • Yellow tulips stand at the brighter end of the shades spectrum, and they do represent fond thoughts and cheerfulness;
  • Choose orange tulips to express an energetic love and the excitement of your gesture.

While other flowers would look best once they stay in the same color in a bouquet, tulips can make a multi-colored bouquet just like red roses.

Personal opinion: Tulips are those types of plants that express joyfulness and early spring, so they share fragile emotions by combining multiple tulips.


Chrysanthemum Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @petitepie_n_pastry

As I like to say about Chrysanthemums, these flowers are evergreen and last an eternity. These flowers come in varied shades, each of these colors expressing its meaning.

Generally speaking, Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, optimism, and long life. As such, it is a pity not to include them in your mother’s unique bouquet.

  • Red Chrysanthemum, just like most of the flowers in this shade, means love and affection.
  • White Chrysanthemum looks pure, and they are not only excellent, but they do have a significant symbol behind them. White means loyal love and truth when it comes to Chrysanthemum. As such, these are the perfect flowers to offer to your mom, so they can know how much love and trust you put.
  • Be careful when choosing the yellow Chrysanthemums. Usually, this color means slighted love. So simply avoid adding this shade in the Mother’s Day unique bouquet.


Daffodil Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @agrariankitchen

Daffodils are the most common flowers you would probably choose for your mother; however, consider these delicate plants if you want to share your love.

Many times, daffodils represent chivalry or regard. But more commonly, daffodils will represent fresh new beginnings or rebirth.

Make sure you will never choose to offer a single daffodil, as this number can represent misfortune.

Tip: As such, go for more flower blades, so the mom’s bouquet will indicate happiness and joy.


Daisy Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @anderson.william.940

Daisies are sweet and pure flowers. They are not too sophisticated, which makes them the ideal plants for expressing love in any bouquet. Furthermore, Daisies mean innocence and purity; this is why mothers will simply adore them.

In simple words, Daisies are a beautiful way to tell our loved ones how much we care about them.


Gardenia Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @glaucousplantae

The white flowers of Gardenia are the perfect final touch to any Mother’s Day floral arrangement. These delicate flowers are the symbol of love, joy, sweetness, and happiness around the Mother’s Day celebration.


Roses Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @decofreshroses

Although some might find roses kind of a cliche, these common flowers are full of symbolism, and once you put them into a bouquet, they will symbolize pure love.

Plant specialists and professionals in symbolism would suggest choosing a specific color for your mother to show much more profound appreciation.

As such, pale pink roses should be one of your choices for Mother’s Day indeed, as they represent gratitude, strength, and femininity.

Personal opinion: Therefore, choose some feminine shades if you are thinking about getting a rose bouquet.


Hyacinth Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @petit.nez

Hyacinth flowers are tall, gorgeous, and bundled plants that will simply stand out in any bouquet you choose for Mother’s Day celebration. Just like lots of other flowers, each color of Hyacinth has a special meaning. So here they are:

  • Blue Hyacinth is representative for constancy
  • Purple Hyacinths are lovely and have a royal vibe; moreover, they represent sorrow;
  • When it comes to red or pink Hyacinth, these shades stand for playfulness, so if you have an active, sweet mum, these flowers will suit her well;
  • White Hyacinth means loveliness. Is your mom lovely? These are the flowers for her.


Iris Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @une_fille_autour_du_monde_

Iris flowers are simply perfect. They are fragile, unique, quite particular, and they come in different shades, so you can choose the one that best suits your feelings.

Purple and blue Iris flowers are the most popular ones, and they represent compliments and wisdom.

Personal opinion: These plants are truly ideal as a present for Mother’s Day.


Lilies Flowers That Symbolize Mother’s Day
Credit: @poisonivyslair

Finally, lilies are one of the most common flowers people choose for Mother’s Day. This is not peculiar, as Lilies are very rich in meaning; they represent majesty and purity, while Calla Lilies represent beauty.

The best of all? Day Lilies symbolize motherhood in Chinese culture.

Final words

There are far more choices for Mother’s Day flowers; sometimes, the meaning of a flower is a subjective matter. Finally, it is a pity not to mention other plants, like lilacs, azaleas, camellias, or bluebells, which can also be an excellent choice for mothers.

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