Flowers That Symbolize Rebirth

Inspiring Flowers That Symbolize Rebirth (Plant Expressions For New Beginnings)

When we are preparing for a new year, we start to think about new resolutions and what the future months will bring. It is an ideal time for re-evaluating how our lives are going and deciding what we wish to improve and change during the next period.

Sometimes, expressing revitalization of our lives through words can be a bit overwhelming. Furthermore, not all people have this talent of sharing their feelings so directly.

As a result, many people decide to send some mesmerizing flowers instead, to family and close friends we care most about.

It is incredible how nature can help us celebrate the prospect of rebirth and new beginnings. However, choosing the most meaningful flowers can be difficult, especially if you are not necessarily a plant enthusiast.

So, to pick the right flowers to express your message of rejuvenation, it is essential to focus on the deep meanings of the potential flower candidates.

The End Of The Year – An Ideal Time For Rebirth Flowers

As the year’s end is closer, people are preparing for “rebirth” and new resolutions. What we think about when the New Year is knocking at the door is how we should start a new chapter, improve our habits, make the best of every day and live more.

Sending flowers that inspire optimism and fresh beginnings can be a positive step. More than their fragile and beautiful look, rebirth flowers express cheerfulness and positivity, and they can be vessels of expectations and wishes.

Stunning Flower Types That Symbolize Revitalization

While many flowers symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, only a few plants hold notable characteristics which embody this feeling. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the meanings of some flowers.

While red roses represent love, peonies are ideal for wedding bouquets, white flowers symbolize innocence and purity, other plants are more mysterious.

Flowers that represent rebirth do not necessarily express through their simple appearance, the meaning is more implicit. Once you get to know the hidden meanings better, the whole experience of offering flowers will change.

We have brought together some of the most meaningful, delicate, versatile, sweet, and easy-to-find flowers that symbolize rebirth. Check all the information and find the plant you resonate with the most.

Daffodil Flowers

The Daffodil Flowers
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The Daffodil flower is a delicate, sometimes perfumed, colorful flower. Along with its beautiful appearance, the plant has a powerful symbolism behind it.

Most of all, Daffodil flowers are an emblem for rebirth and, therefore, the ideal plant to offer someone when celebrating the New Year.

While most people will associate Daffodil flowers with spring, they will prefer to offer these flowers as a gift, mainly during the beginning of a new year.

The History Of Daffodil Flowers

Ancient Greeks believed that Daffodil flowers were originally from the egotistical Greek God, Narcissus. During those times, flowers were thought to be the symbol of happiness and friendship.

Yet, it was considered a misfortune to offer just one bloom to someone; as such, it was wiser to choose a whole bouquet of Daffodils.

Today’s Meaning Of Daffodil Plants

Today, Daffodil flowers mean sympathy, love for someone, affection, and desire. Whenever someone wants to express their love for someone, they should offer them a bouquet of Daffodils.

The plants will immediately bring joy as soon as you look at them.

Personal opinion: I love the fact that these plants express new beginnings and are an essential part of the New Year celebration due to the joyful color. But most importantly, I love how these flowers also mean the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Calla Lily Flowers

The Calla Lily Flowers
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It is pretty easy to notice Calla Lily flowers and distinguish them from the other plants, mainly because of their unique form. These flowers have been sought after for many years because of their silken petals, elegant allure, and simplicity they express. It is safe to say that these plants are sophisticated.

The History Of Calla Lily Flowers

The name of Calla Lily flowers originated from the Greek word that means beauty. However, it would be unfair to discuss Calla Lily flowers only for their elegance.

People were interested in choosing flowers that had a powerful meaning behind them during the Victorian era. People often preferred to express their feelings through flowers rather than simple words. As such, the Calla Lily flowers would do all the talking for you. Moreover, the flowers were a pure symbol for Christianity, specifically the Virgin Mary.

The legend says that Calla Lily flowers were offered as a gift during the Easter period as a result of this association.

Stunning Meanings Of Calla Lily Plants

The flowers of Calla Lily are also associated with youth and purity. While many people would expect to find only white Calla Lily Plants, there is a variety of shades to choose from.

There are yellow, purple, black, and pink Calla Lily Plants to use in beautiful bouquets. The best part? Each color means something different. So while yellow will stand for friendship, black is for mystery, and purple is the most royal shade.

If you want to use Calla Lily Plants for special occasions, the white ones are most favorable for weddings. These plants can also symbolize marital bliss. As such, the flowers of Calla are used to wish “happy new beginnings” and to celebrate a new birth.


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Another fantastic flower that stands for rebirth and new beginnings is daisies. These plants will work excellently as gifts to show your feelings of optimism.

Daisies are amazing for unique moments in life, such as starting a new job, maybe embarking on a brand new course.

Origins Of Daisies

Daisies have origins in North and Central Europe and have quickly become one of the favorite plants in these regions. While there are many colors and types of Daisies on the market, each shade has its own particularities.

However, the essential thing in common is the symbolism of new beginnings.

The Powerful Meanings Of Daisies

Generally speaking, Daisies stand for innocence, purity, as well as loyalty and everlasting love. The ideal time to offer a lovely bouquet of Daisies is as soon as somebody embarks on new beginnings.

An emotional celebration such as is when a baby is born, as this moment evokes prosperity, pure happiness, and joy.

As the New Year approaches, you can surprise your loved ones and send them a beautiful gift, such as a bunch of yellow Daisies.

Lotus Flowers

The Flowers Of Lotus
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I kept the best for the end of this article. I cannot go without mentioning the flower that genuinely embodies the literal meaning of new beginnings and rebirth.

No wonder the Lotus flower is the most meaningful plant for rebirth. The plant can withstand thousands of years without needing water, and can still germinate when water returns.

The Origins Of Lotus Flowers

Famous as one of the most sacred plants in the world, the flowers of Lotus are considered to have miraculous powers and properties. The plant has origins in Ancient Egypt and is believed to have the ability to heal and resurrect the deceased.

The reason why the Lotus flower can survive even during hard times is its roots, which are fastened in mud. This way, the plant can absorb water from deep underground.

Astonishingly, the Lotus plant will be able to re-bloom right the following day. Even when it has been submerged in  very thick mud, this flower will still show off its delicate petals, mainly due to the waxy protective layer.

This incredible cycle of death, life, and resurrection contain much symbolism, mostly among Hindu and Buddhist cultures. When it comes to Buddhism, the white lotus symbolizes purity, while the yellow plants are associated with spiritual ascension.

The Meanings Of Lotus Flowers Based On Color

While the flowers of Lotus are the sign for rebirth, their symbolism is also based on the flowers’ shades. While there are lots of colors, here are some of the most common ones with their meanings:

  • Pink Lotus: one of the most common shades, pink represents the deities, mainly in Buddhism, where the pink Lotus represents Buddha;
  • White: This color stands for purity of the soul and body;
  • Red Lotus: red is by far the most potent sign of passion and love. When it comes to Lotus flowers, the red plant expresses the qualities of the heart;
  • Light blue lotus: the blue lotus indicates the victory of spirituality. Furthermore, blue is the expression for earthly attachment. The shade also represents intelligence and wisdom.
  • Violet: lotus flowers in violet are more closely linked to spirituality and mystery. Furthermore, the purple color reminds us of calm and meditation.

Last Thoughts

There are plenty of flowers symbolizing eternal rebirth and new beginnings. Their fragile and pure blooms leave an indelible impression and express emotional depth. Their simple presence will touch your soul, while the plants themselves have a specific language of their own.

Whenever you feel like expressing deep and sincere feelings or just making new resolutions and celebrating new beginnings, choose a bouquet of any of these flowers.

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