Flowers With Bell Shapes

40+ Gorgeous Flowers With Bell Shapes: Make Your Garden Look Like Paradise

When it comes to landscape gardening, no outdoor space should miss the gorgeous bell-shaped flowers. Why? Because these mesmerizing plants will add an excellent curb appeal to your home.

By learning how to plant them and how to choose them, you will be able to produce a stunning visual effect that will be natural, making sure that your garden will look like a floral paradise.

The name of these plants has quite an obvious meaning. These flowers have a commonly bell-shaped appearance or saucer-shaped blooms. However, it is pretty hard to keep up with the hundreds of types of bellflowers.

While the most common ones have beautiful shades of purple and blue, there are lots of other flower ornamental pieces you will find while doing your research.

What is for sure is that gardeners love bellflowers. They use the delicate look of these plants to make their outdoors appear stunning. An essential advantage is their low maintenance to grow. Even if you don’t have gardening experience or are not a plant avid, producing flowers that look like bells is an effortless activity.

These flowers are originally woodland plants, most of them native to North America, so they prosper once they have enough moist soil and a lot of sun exposure.

What Will You Learn Today About Bell Flowers?

If you already know something about bell flowers, today’s article would throw some light all over this topic. Together, we will look at some of the most delightful flowers that have the delicate shape of bells.

Take the important notes from each of these plants, and find the most relevant and suited ones for your garden. Finally, don’t forget to check the pictures and dream about a heavenly garden only for you.

Most Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Bells

Let’s start and check each of these bell flowers at a time. This way you can make a proper idea of what could suit your garden best.

Korean Bellflower

Korean Bellflower 1
Credit: @ebchampernowne
Korean Bellflower 2
Credit: @beaumontgarden
Korean Bellflower 3
Credit: @hi_kwanny

The Korean Bellflowers have unique blooms, with breathtaking shades of royal purple and deep pink. It is easy to recognize them due to the long bell shape that hangs upside down in clusters from their stems.

The Korean Bellflowers come with delicate green foliage that increases its color from the middle of the flower to the petals. These Korean Bellflowers used to grow in whole, partial sun, especially in areas with enough sunlight during all the seasons.

It is easy to recognize these plants, mainly due to their unique light perfume that is truly pleasant.

Interesting fact: The Korean Bellflowers are also popular as “the Elizabeth” bellflower, and they used to bloom from very early summer to early fall.


Bluebell 1
Credit: @sofiegadeyne
Bluebell 2
Credit: @florenco_flowerslovers
Bluebell 3
Credit: @muse_n_bounce

These unique tiny flowers grow around 2-3 feet in height, and they contain some small trumpet-shaped blooms that hang loosely. As you may have seen from the examples above, the Bluebell flowers are very delicate and have a slender design.

The Bluebell flowers are summer-blooming plants, and they simply love the warm temperatures. The delicate flowers will sway gracefully during the summer breeze.

When it comes to soils, Bluebells are not picky at all. If they have enough moisture, the flowers will bloom amazingly.

Tip: Considering Bluebells are initially some woodland plants, you might need to add some organic matter to your garden so the flowers will grow faster and last longer.

Adriatic Bellflower

Adriatic Bellflower 1
Credit: @windblowsagain
Adriatic Bellflower 2
Credit: @ser_isa_80
Adriatic Bellflower 3
Credit: @junhotography

Adriatic Bellflowers are also famous as “Dickinson’s Gold.” They look unique, mainly due to their foliage, which brings out some tiny clusters of flowers. However, these clusters vary in shades; you will recognize them due to the light lavender shades and teeth-like petals.

The gorgeous small flowers will bloom throughout the whole plant. The best part is that the plant will bloom and grow in size fastly, so you can plant them in areas where you need expanding plants.

Moreover, the plant can resist slight bits of frost. Consider Adriatic Bellflowers as the excellent decorating plants for any border wall.

Personal opinion: Remember the beautiful cottage gardens? Well, the tiny blue leaves will amazingly spill out in a manner that resembles a lot with the cottage outdoors.

Serbian Bellflower

Serbian Bellflower 1
Credit: @melissagunn99
Serbian Bellflower 2
Credit: @stock799
Serbian Bellflower 3
Credit: @pam.pk2020

The Serbian Bellflower is famous as a “blue waterfall” as well, mainly because it blooms in a show-stopping amount of delicate lavender flowers. Every single flower has a gorgeous star shape.

Gardeners always recommend these flowers, mainly for those who are not that passionate about this activity but still want a gorgeous outdoor space.

Serbian Bellflowers require low maintenance, and they are resistant to garden pests and deer. These plants grow somewhere between 4 and 6 inches in height.

While some people might consider that the Serbian Bellflower spreads fastly and is an invasive species, for others, this plant is ideal because it grows beautifully without any help.

However, you might need to trim and cut this particular flower to control its growth and spread.

Tip: Keep in mind that Serbian bellflowers would prefer short periods of shade and a lot of sunlight. Moreover, this plant grows best in warm areas.


Snowdrops 1
Credit: @nature_informative_blog
Snowdrops 2
Credit: @stefanjeker
Snowdrops 3
Credit: @vintage_lenses_joy

Is there any more delicate flower in this world than Snowdrops? These fragile white flowers are constantly reminding me about my grandmother’s garden in early springtime. Others would probably immediately think about Tinker Bell movies, mainly due to the bell shape.

Compared with other flowers in this category, Snowdrops won’t have that perfect bell shape once they are fully bloomed; however, once the bulbs are still closed, the Snowdrops do very much look like bells.

Snowdrops in Latin mean “milk-white flowers.” In contrast with most of today’s flowers, Snowdrops always stay white.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Snowdrops come in 75 varieties?

Amazing, right? Most of these types will bloom during the entire winter season, and the flowers will last all through early spring. But as soon as the springtime ends, the snowdrop bulbs will go dormant.

And so, the Snowdrop flowers will sleep underground until it is the right time to wake up and display their genuine beauty.

Peach-Leaved Bells

Peach-Leaved Bells 1
Credit: @b.onthedarkside
Peach-Leaved Bells 2
Credit: @von.fou
Peach-Leaved Bells 3
Credit: @yadotyako708

As previously mentioned, there are hundreds of bellflowers on the market, and Peach-Leaved Bells are by far some of the most delicate ones.

Don’t be fooled by the name, as these flowers are not peach at all, but they come in a wide range of shades, from white to light purple.

Also called “the campanula Persicifolia,” Peach-Leaved Bells are popular among gardeners, mainly because they have flowers during the whole year.

Interesting fact: these plants are an actual magnet for bumblebees and honeybees, helping them pollinate and spread pollen to other areas in the garden.

Dalmatian Bellflower

Dalmatian Bellflower 1
Credit: @tendrilsgreen
Dalmatian Bellflower 2
Credit: @pics_by_as.lightning
Dalmatian Bellflower 3

While many people may think about the dog breed when they hear this flower’s name, the plant was named after Croatia’s country of origin. The best advantage of Dalmatian Bellflower is that it will stay all green during the whole season, even all through colder days.

The Dalmatian Bellflower will bloom beautifully, especially once the leaves will start to turn brown. These bellflowers will look amazing if they have continuous sunlight.

Tip: It is wise to offer these flowers moist soil, so daily watering is a must.

White Mountain Heather

White Mountain Heather 1
Credit: @masaeotsuka
White Mountain Heather 2
Credit: @soulnurturer
White Mountain Heather 3
Credit: @montana.flora

White Mountain Heather is one of the most beautiful, delicate, and particularly gorgeous evergreen flowers that look like bells. The plant displays some unique bell-shaped flowers that can grow up to 12 inches in height. However, the plant will bloom only in the summer.

You can notice that the flowers do sprout some inches right before the stalk ends. This can reach somewhere around 30 millimeters long.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley 1
Credit: @sylvieflowerforest
Lily Of The Valley 2
Credit: @dandyfreshmarketblooms
Lily Of The Valley 3
Credit: @mugeonan_

Lily of the Valley is by far one of the most popular flowers that look like delicate bells. This perennial plant used to grow in woodlands and can reach somewhere around 30cm long. The beautiful flowers can sometimes turn into red-colored berries.

You may know this flower named a ‘ladder to heaven’, “May bells, Our Lady’s Tears, or Mary’s tears.

Keep in mind: Although the flowers are delicate, subtle, aromatic, and unique, specialists warn that all its parts are poisonous.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet 1
Credit: @badgerbugbrain
Angel's Trumpet 2
Credit: @milton_en_jpg
Angel's Trumpet 3
Credit: @jill_ashby_photography

The Angel Trumpet is by far one of the best examples of flowers that look like original bells. No wonder the plant is named as such, as the large flowers look exactly like some pendulous bells.

The Angel Trumpet comes in many different colors, and the most popular ones are pink, yellow, red, orange, and white.

So, if you wish to have a delicate perfume in your garden and the fragrance to persist during warm days, consider the Angel Trumpet.

Keep in mind: However, you should be careful with this flower, as it can be truly poisonous.

Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells 1
Credit: @psalterfarmflowers
Canterbury Bells 2
Credit: @posydrop
Canterbury Bells 3
Credit: @fauxgetmenotflowers

Canterbury Bells are taller flowers that can grow up to 36 inches in height. These plants can grow even in partly shaded areas; however, their stems might weaken. You cannot stop admiring the amazingly-shaped flowers, which last up until late summer.

The colors are also bliss, so you can grow pink, white, blue, or purple Canterbury Bells.

You can find these seeds on supermarket shelves or online and enhance the look of your garden with little effort.

Last Thoughts

There are many other species of flowers that are bell-shaped. We just picked our favorite ones, and we guarantee these plants will transform the garden into a beautiful dream.

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