Kylie Jenner’S Luxurious Turks And Caicos Getaway: Everything You Need To Know

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to exotic vacations, but her recent trip to Turks and Caicos was one for the books. If you’re looking for all the details on Kylie’s Turks and Caicos adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive 3000-word guide, we will cover everything there is to know about Kylie’s lavish tropical getaway, from when she went and who she brought along to what she did there and the jaw-dropping places she stayed.

When Did Kylie Jenner Go To Turks and Caicos?

Kylie Jenner embarked on her luxurious Turks and Caicos getaway in mid-July 2022, treating herself and her loved ones to a remarkable vacation in this stunning Caribbean destination. Known for her extravagant lifestyle, Kylie spared no expense when it came to this tropical retreat.

It was a birthday celebration trip for her daughter Stormi’s 4th birthday

The trip to Turks and Caicos was not just an ordinary vacation for Kylie Jenner. It was a special celebration trip in honor of her daughter Stormi’s 4th birthday. Kylie went all out to ensure that Stormi had an unforgettable birthday experience in a truly idyllic setting.

The Kardashians are no strangers to throwing extravagant parties, and Stormi’s birthday trip was no exception. The family rented a luxurious beachfront villa, complete with stunning views, private pools, and direct access to the pristine white sand beaches.

During their time in Turks and Caicos, Kylie and her family indulged in a wide range of activities. They enjoyed swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise waters, lounging by the pool, and exploring the picturesque surroundings.

They also took advantage of the island’s vibrant nightlife and dined at some of the finest restaurants.

As always, Kylie documented her trip on social media, sharing envy-inducing photos and videos of the breathtaking scenery, lavish accommodations, and joyful moments with her daughter. Her posts generated a buzz among her millions of followers, inspiring others to dream of their own luxurious getaway.

If you’re looking to experience a similar level of luxury and relaxation, consider planning your own trip to Turks and Caicos. With its pristine beaches, stunning resorts, and vibrant local culture, it’s no wonder why this Caribbean gem has become a favorite destination for celebrities and jet-setters alike.

Who Did Kylie Jenner Go With?

During her luxurious Turks and Caicos getaway, Kylie Jenner was accompanied by two special people in her life.

She went with her daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster, joined her on this tropical vacation. The mother-daughter duo enjoyed their time together, soaking up the sun and making precious memories. Kylie often shares adorable snapshots of her and Stormi enjoying the beach, playing in the sand, and enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.

She also brought along her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou

In addition to spending quality time with her daughter, Kylie Jenner invited her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, to join her on the trip. Stassie is a close friend of Kylie’s and they have been inseparable for years.

The two friends have been spotted together on numerous occasions, and their bond is evident both on and off social media.

During their vacation, Kylie and Stassie were seen having a great time, whether it was lounging by the pool, exploring the stunning beaches, or indulging in the luxurious amenities of their accommodations.

Their friendship was on full display, as they laughed, shared inside jokes, and created unforgettable moments.

To keep her fans updated, Kylie shared glimpses of their trip on her social media platforms, including stunning photos and videos of their adventures. The vacation served as a perfect opportunity for both Kylie and Stassie to unwind and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful and serene environment.

Where Did Kylie Jenner Stay in Turks and Caicos?

When it comes to finding the perfect getaway destination, Kylie Jenner knows how to do it in style. During her recent trip to Turks and Caicos, the social media mogul stayed at the exclusive Amanyara resort, renowned for its luxurious amenities and breathtaking surroundings.

The exclusive Amanyara resort

Amanyara is a secluded oasis nestled on the pristine shores of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. This ultra-exclusive resort offers a level of privacy and tranquility that is second to none. Surrounded by lush vegetation and overlooking a stunning turquoise sea, Amanyara provides an idyllic setting for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing vacation.

With its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and world-class amenities, Amanyara has become a favorite among celebrities and high-profile individuals. Its secluded location ensures privacy, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy their stay without any distractions.

Overwater bungalows with private pools

One of the highlights of Amanyara is its overwater bungalows, which offer a truly unique and luxurious experience. These spacious villas are built on stilts above the turquoise waters, providing guests with direct access to the sea.

Each bungalow features a private infinity-edge pool, allowing guests to relax and soak in the breathtaking views.

The overwater bungalows at Amanyara are designed with the utmost attention to detail, combining traditional Caribbean architecture with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy a spacious living area, a king-size bed, a private outdoor shower, and a sundeck with loungers for ultimate relaxation.

The penthouse villa

For those looking for the ultimate luxury experience, Kylie Jenner opted to stay in the penthouse villa at Amanyara. This expansive accommodation offers stunning panoramic views of the ocean and comes with its own private infinity pool, outdoor dining area, and dedicated staff.

The penthouse villa at Amanyara is designed to provide guests with the utmost comfort and luxury during their stay. With multiple bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area, and a private terrace, this villa is the epitome of opulence.

What Did Kylie Do in Turks and Caicos?

Kylie Jenner’s luxurious getaway to Turks and Caicos was filled with unforgettable experiences and indulgent relaxation. Let’s explore some of the highlights of her vacation:

Relaxed on the beach

One of the main activities Kylie enjoyed during her time in Turks and Caicos was lounging on the pristine beaches. With crystal-clear turquoise waters and powdery white sand, the beaches in this Caribbean paradise provided the perfect backdrop for her to unwind and soak up the sun.

Whether it was basking in the warm glow or indulging in beachside cocktails, Kylie made the most of her beach time.

Went on a yacht trip

Kylie and her companions embarked on a luxurious yacht trip around the picturesque islands of Turks and Caicos. Cruising on the azure waters, they were able to take in the breathtaking coastal scenery and enjoy the serenity of the open sea.

The yacht trip offered an exclusive and private experience for Kylie, allowing her to enjoy the company of her loved ones while surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean.

Enjoyed water activities like snorkeling

Kylie also took advantage of the vibrant marine life in Turks and Caicos by indulging in water activities such as snorkeling. Exploring the colorful coral reefs and swimming alongside tropical fish, she immersed herself in the underwater world.

This exhilarating adventure allowed Kylie to witness the beauty of the ocean firsthand and create lasting memories of her time in the Caribbean.

Celebrated Stormi’s birthday

During her stay in Turks and Caicos, Kylie took the opportunity to celebrate her daughter Stormi’s birthday in extravagant style. With a themed party fit for a princess, the celebration included lavish decorations, delicious treats, and a host of activities for the little ones to enjoy.

It was a special day filled with joy and love, allowing Kylie to create magical moments for her daughter in this enchanting destination.

Kylie’s Turks and Caicos Photo Dump

Bikini shots on the beach

When it comes to vacationing in style, Kylie Jenner knows how to do it right. Her recent trip to Turks and Caicos was no exception. The reality TV star and beauty mogul treated her followers to a stunning photo dump of her beach escapades.

From sun-kissed selfies to glamorous bikini shots, Kylie’s beach photos are sure to make anyone envious of her luxurious getaway.

With her flawless figure and impeccable sense of style, Kylie effortlessly rocked a variety of fashionable swimsuits during her stay in Turks and Caicos. From vibrant prints to sleek monokinis, she proved that she knows how to make a splash on the beach.

Her beachside snapshots serve as the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to amp up their swimwear game this summer.

Yacht photos with Stormi

One of the highlights of Kylie’s vacation was spending quality time with her adorable daughter, Stormi. The mother-daughter duo enjoyed some fun in the sun aboard a luxurious yacht. Kylie shared heartwarming photos of them cuddling, playing, and enjoying the beautiful ocean views together.

It’s clear that Kylie cherishes these precious moments with her little one and wants to share them with her fans. Seeing the bond between Kylie and Stormi is not only heartwarming but also serves as a reminder of the importance of family and creating lasting memories.

Underwater snorkeling pics

Aside from relaxing on the beach and spending time with her daughter, Kylie also took the opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world of Turks and Caicos. She shared stunning snorkeling pictures, showcasing the breathtaking coral reefs and diverse marine life.

Snorkeling is a popular activity in Turks and Caicos, and Kylie’s photos capture the beauty and wonder of this underwater adventure. Whether you’re an experienced snorkeler or a newbie, the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean are perfect for exploring the colorful world beneath the surface.

If you’re feeling inspired by Kylie’s Turks and Caicos vacation, why not plan your own beach getaway? With its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and luxurious resorts, it’s no wonder this Caribbean paradise is a favorite destination for celebrities and travelers alike.


Kylie Jenner clearly had the ultimate girls trip in paradise for her daughter Stormi’s birthday. Between the lavish resort, private bungalows, and fun tropical activities, her Turks and Caicos vacation was one for the books.

Hopefully this detailed guide gave you all the insight into Kylie’s luxurious tropical getaway. It’s certainly an island birthday celebration we all wish we could have been a part of!

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