Ringing in Left Ear Meaning

The Spiritual Meaning Of Ringing In Your Left Ear: Someone Talking About You?

There’s not a person in the world that didn’t experience ringing in the ears at least once in their life. Whether your right, left or both ears were ringing, there’s likely some medical condition that has caused you to experience ringing. However, less often, the ringing in your ears may have spiritual meaning, and perhaps, some spiritual being is trying to make a connection with you and give you important insights about your life and future.

When it comes to spiritual ringing in the ears, but when you usually rule out the possible medical reasons for the ringing, the ringing is likely spiritual. It’s usually that not both of your ears are ringing, but it can be challenging to discover which of the ears is making that sound.

It’s important to note that there are different types of ringing, as well as the length of the sound and its frequencies. They differ when it comes to the left and right ears, and so does the spiritual meaning. That being said, you’ll have to carefully identify which of your ears is ringing and then do your spiritual readings.

While the ringing in the ears is more often a medical than spiritual condition, it’s worth saying that spiritual ringing in the ears is a common sign of spiritual manifestation and discovering your higher purpose.

Additionally, ringing in the left ear is less common than ringing in the right ear, but both have important spiritual meanings and give important information about your life and experience.

If your left ear is ringing and you ruled out the medical conditions that could be causing it, let’s uncover what the spirits are trying to tell you. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of ringing in your left ear, and you’ll be able to analyze the signs on your own.

Without further ado, continue reading to learn more!

Understanding the Pitch of Ringing in Your Left Ear

As mentioned earlier, ringing in your left ear is less common compared to the ringing in the right ear, but also more difficult to recognize, as ringing can often feel like echoing, leaving you confused over what the spirits are trying to tell you.

The ringing in your left ear, an ear that is on the same side as your heart can mean that you have conflicting inner energies. They are shifting and exchanging, causing your ear to ring left. The left ear is tuned in with the essence of your energy, which means your deeper being is trying to communicate with you.

But, while your inner self may try to talk to you and give you a spiritual awakening, it isn’t easy because the ringing can come in a different pitch. Below, you can read what each type of pitch of ringing can mean for your spiritual insights and inner energy:

  • Low pitch: There’s a source of negative energy that impacts your vibration and neutral energy, causing you to feel more imbalanced. Something is stressing you, and you simply struggle to figure out what it is. Low-pitched humming means you have to slow down and evaluate people and situations that stress you out. The humming will stop, once you get your energies and stressors figured out and get rid of the negative energy.
  • High pitch: Spiritual awakening, growth, self-development, and healing are what are described by the high pitch ringing in your ear. You’re slowly embracing the positive energy and high vibrations intended for you. Your inner energy has maybe been distressed for a while, but it figured out its path and is manifesting through high-pitch ringing.
  • Buzzing: Hearing white noise is not so frequent and manifests through the buzzing in your ear. Nevertheless, it’s the important message from your core and your higher spirituality. It’s encouraging you to pursue serenity and peace and to be patient because all things will come to their own place. It also trains your intuition. It’ll either stop with time or get more comfortable as you continue to meet your higher self.
  • Sudden Loud Noise: Like the white noise buzzing a high-pitched noise that lasts short and loud is also a message from your higher self. It’s warning you that you should be more attentive to your surroundings and be aware of the potential threats or people who don’t wish you well.

Ringing in Left Ear Meaning

If you’re experiencing frequent ringing in your left ear, it’s possible that there are different things happening to you. Do you find yourself in one of the scenarios below?

Someone is Talking About You

This is a common spiritualistic reading for people who experience ringing in the left ear. However, sometimes, it will also occur to those who experience ringing in the right ear as well. Nevertheless, the meaning doesn’t change, you’re catching the spotlight and it’s making people talk about you.

Talking about you doesn’t have to have a bad meaning. Perhaps your relative or a loved one is praying for your success or praising you with their friends or family. They may think about you and try to tell something nice that happened with you and that person to someone else.

Still, as neutral as it sounds, it can also have a bad meaning. In other words, someone could be desperate enough to badmouth you. Perhaps, you did something that left a strong impression on someone else which caused them to badmouth you.

Being gossiped about doesn’t feel good no matter how confident in yourself you are. Don’t give in to the people-pleasers and let go of them if they are giving you negative energy. Avoid sharing personal and delicate information about yourself unless you trust those people completely.

Losing Control

Now and then, people feel like they are losing control of their health, work, family relations as well as other relations of life, and that’s normal. Life is all about the balance of good and bad moments. Good moments are rewarding, while those bad ones serve to teach us something.

Nevertheless, if you feel like your buzzing or ringing in the ear is too intensive, your inner being is trying to warn you that you are losing control and to take a grip before you lose what you’ve been working on.

Neutral and low-pitch noise usually causes this kind of ringing in the ear. When we’re losing control, we’re subconsciously aware of it even when we don’t want to admit it, which is why it’s important to listen to your inner being and admit when you’re wrong.

You’re Not Where You Want to Be

Similar to losing control, sometimes we feel like we’re not headed where we’re supposed to be and that gives us a lot of stress. Your inner self, angel, or spiritual guide is trying to inform you to keep moving. It’s extremely hard when you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, but refusing to move forward means you’ll be stuck there forever.

This is another warning signal that you need to take a grip before it’s too late. Perhaps, you spend too much time playing video games instead of studying, or involve yourself with people who don’t wish you well in the long run.

Many people are not aware of the difficult times ahead of them, or they can see them and get intimidated by them, causing them to get off the right path. That’s why the angels and spirit guides encourage you to get back on track through these subtle messages.


Sometimes, the ringing in your ears can be a sign of inevitable danger that’s about to occur soon. The beliefs in this superstition are reinforced by the fact that hearing a high-pitched short but loud sound from your ear is warning you about the immediate danger in your surroundings. That’s why you need to pay attention to everything happening around you and the people you love.

Change is Coming

In some situations, the ringing in your left ear can be an indication that you’re going to face changes that will impact your everyday life. This is the signal that you should prepare for those changes. Many people feel like this is some kind of a bad omen, but it’s not necessarily.

It’s associated with stress, and just as there’s bad stress, there can also be positive stress which is associated with vast good things occurring in life. Perhaps, you’re changing a job, you’re getting promoted or you’re going to welcome a new family member into your family.

Usually, when the big life changes are coming your way, there’s an additional signal that may point to them. Sometimes, you may see the so-called Angel numbers, and it can mean that the Angels are preparing you for the changes in your life.


The ringing in your left ear is about to tell you that you’re also on the good path, that you’re growing and experiencing a spiritual awakening. Your vibrations are rising, so you’re in accordance and synchronization with your inner self.

The energy in your body is coming to the right place, so your whole body functions properly, on both physical and emotional levels. One of the key aspects of growth is that it can be painful and confusing, but as all things are coming to their place, so is the balance in your body more visible.

As you’re growing and awakening spiritually, the noises in your left ear become more comfortable and will fade with time.

Medical Reasons for Ringing in Your Left Ear

Even though spiritual ringing in your left ear is likely to occur during the aforementioned instances, it’s worth noting that there are many causes for medical ringing in your ear, otherwise known as tinnitus. Even though tinnitus is a condition that leaves a lot of people restless and is there to stay, sometimes it’s just a symptom of another short-term or long-term condition.

Read down below to learn the health-related causes of ringing in your left ear:

  • Hearing loss. With age, or certain diseases and nerve damage, hearing loss is becoming a possibility. The tinnitus and ringing in your left ear are trying to make up for the hearing loss and are made up by your brain. If the cause of tinnitus is nerve damage and hearing loss, it’s likely that the tinnitus won’t improve, but there are many ways to prevent it from getting worse, like getting hearing aids.
  • Loud sounds – Loud sounds like saws, drills, loud concert music, and music from parties and other tools are all responsible for temporary hearing distortions caused by tinnitus.
  • Head injury – The most common head injury that can cause tinnitus is a concussion, according to scientists. If the concussion is not severe and it didn’t lead to permanent brain damage, likely, tinnitus won’t persist.
  • COVID-19 – The virus that causes covid-19 and its more recent variants have shown to cause hearing loss, as well as tinnitus. The disease has been responsible for both temporary, reoccurring and permanent hearing damage.
  • Wax – Everyone experiences a wax build-up in their ears. However, if there’s too much ear wax, you’ll likely have difficulty hearing which often manifests through tinnitus.
  • Medications such as aspirin, blood pressure medicines, ibuprofen, antibiotics, and blood thinners all can cause temporary tinnitus.


If you have questions regarding the ringing in the left ear and its meaning, perhaps your answer can be found below:

How Can I Know That Ringing in My Left Ear is Spiritual?

You should never take your health for granted, so it’s always important to rule out all the negative health problems that could be causing your left ear to ring. That being said, go to your doctor who will send you further if necessary.

If all medical checking doesn’t discover any medical condition that could be bothering you, then you can set yourself up to explore the spiritual causes of ringing in your left ear.

Does All Ringing in Left Ear Have Bad Meaning?

Not necessarily, even though some noises can sound like an omen or a warning, there are positive vibrations that are associated to this phenomenon, or condition. Just listen carefully, learn to listen to your body and you’ll be able to understand what your inner self is trying to tell you.

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