Boat Tours & Water Sports in Massachusetts

8 Best Boat Tours & Water Sports in Massachusetts (2022 Updated)

You’ve probably wondered how to get the best boat tour in Massachusetts. If you are looking for some great ideas, here are a few things to consider. For the most scenic water adventure, consider a private captained sailing day charter. Moment Sailing Adventures operates sailing yachts that can accommodate up to six guests. They also offer overnight sailing trips. While you’re on the water, you’ll probably see wildlife and take in the sights of historic Boston.

Charles Riverboat Company

  • Tel : +1 617-621-3001
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Hours of Operation : Mon – Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ; Sat – Sun 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy the river, take a tour with the Charles Riverboat Company. They offer sightseeing tours of Boston as well as private cruises on the Charles River. Some of their tours include architecture tours, fall foliage tours, cocktail cruises, sunset cruises, and more. Some of these tours also feature a free sample of the city’s famous seafood and other delicacies.

Boston harbor cruises are a fantastic way to see the city from water. Some Boston Harbor cruises also incorporate land-based walking tours to give visitors a better view of the city. During the summer, passengers can also take fun amphibious duck boats to enjoy the Cambridge River. Other tours are aimed at whale watching. If you’re in Boston during the spring or fall whale watching season, you can visit the historic USS Constitution, a three-masted warship that was built in 1797.

Massachusetts Bay Lines

  • Tel : +1 617-542-8000
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Hours of Operation : Mon 9:30 am to 3:30 pm ; Tue , Thu 9:00 am to 4:00 pm ; Wed 9:30 am to 2:00 pm ; Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ; Sat – Sun 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The historic Massachusetts Bay Lines company has been providing Boston with breathtaking views of the harbor for more than 50 years. Guests can choose from five different types of boats – the “Pilot”, the “Brighton”, the ‘Spirit of Boston’ and the ‘Whispering Wind’ – to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Located in downtown Boston, the company offers private charters and group tours of Boston’s waterfront. While on a cruise, you’ll see the USS Constitution, the state’s oldest ship, and many other historic landmarks.

Blue Claw Boat Tours LLC

  • Tel : +1 508-240-5783
  • Email :
  • Hours of Operation : Mon – Sat 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ; Sun 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

If you’re looking for the ultimate salty Cape Cod experience, Blue Claw is the place to go. If you’re looking to experience the real, authentic Cape Cod, then this is the boat tour for you. Its crew of experts will take you on an authentic, salty Cape Cod boat tour. You’ll get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area from a whole new perspective, and you’ll definitely get a chance to enjoy the sea air on your next Cape Cod vacation.

Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for. The Beachcomber Expedition with Seal Tour costs $750 for up to six people; $850 for seven people; and $950 for eight people. Sunset cruises cost $450 for one to four people; $555 for six people; $650 for seven and eight people; and $735 for ten or more people. There’s also a $25 fee for the Chatham Lighthouse, but you should carry your own food and snacks for a memorable experience.

Mahi Harbor Cruises & Private Events

If you are looking for a unique location for your wedding reception, consider booking a boat for your wedding reception. The Mahi Harbor Cruises & Private Events boat company is centrally located in Salem, Massachusetts, and serves the entire north shore. The Mahi offers three fully stocked bars and customizable catering. The views from the Mahi are unbeatable. The company also offers special pricing for private charters.

There are many benefits to using a Massachusetts-based travel agency. Often, they can recommend private events, cruises, and water tours that will enhance their clients’ experiences. By hiring a Massachusetts travel agency, you’ll avoid pitfalls that can ruin your vacation plans. Not only will you save money and time, but you can also enjoy a wonderful vacation that will last a lifetime. Mahi Harbor Cruises & Private Events in Massachusetts offers several convenient ways to plan your special event, including:

Boston Harbor City Cruises

  • Tel : +1 781-661-5508
  • Hours of Operation : Everyday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Boston has many options for water sports and boat tours, and Liberty Fleet has three different sailboat tours that each focus on a different section of the city’s harbor. There are also special tours for groups and sunsets, as well as whale-watching cruises. The cruises last from one and a half to two hours, and the crew provides snacks and drinks. The sails are well worth the price, and the crew knows the area very well.

Boston Harbor Boat Rentals has over 60 boats that can accommodate groups of twelve to over a hundred people. They offer tours for any holiday or season, and they even provide boat captains and crew. The tours are available year-round, and guests can choose between twohour, three-hour, or five-hour boat tours. To find the right boat tour for your group, check the website or call the company to inquire about its holiday or themed cruises.

Beachcomber Boat Tours

  • Tel : +1 508-945-5265
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Hours of Operation : Everyday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

If you’re looking for a day out on the water, look no further than Beachcomber Boat Tours & Water Games. This Chatham boat company offers a variety of trips, including a Cape Cod Seal Watch Adventure Cruise, an evening cruise, and even fishing trips. You’ll also get a chance to see the harbor’s seal population up close. Whether you’re looking for an intimate outing for two or a family reunion, there’s a tour for you.

The beach-front company’s boats allow passengers to see the wildlife up close. Their boats can accommodate 29 people. A trolley car is available to ferry you from the dock to the beach. Captains of each vessel are U.S. Coast Guard-certified and take safety seriously. They also have USCG-certified boats and conduct regular inspections to ensure the highest standards of safety. A Sunset Cruise is also available, costing $450 for one to four people and $555 for six to eight people.

Bay Spirit Tours

  • Tel : +1 508-771-0107
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Hours of Operation : Everyday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

When it comes to water sports, Massachusetts offers a wide variety of choices, including the famous bay Spirit. This 64′ Coast Guard-approved motor catamaran offers a variety of excursions. For example, its 75-minute Lighthouse Harbor Tour will explain the history of the local lighthouses. For a more intimate experience, consider the Hyannis Port Sunset Cruise, which circles the Kennedy Compound and other nice houses in Hyannis Port. There are also special events and private charters available, and you can even go out on the bay for an evening.

Beyond sightseeing, Bay Spirit Tours is an excellent way to spend a day on the water. Its Guides are knowledgeable and engaging, and will present nature and culture education as well as sportspecific techniques and tricks. Onboard, they will also teach guests how to handle the boats. Plus, Guides stay up-to-date on local wildlife and history topics. On each vessel, they keep a Guide Box full of local history and information.

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