Best Dog Parks in Massachusetts

8 Best Dog Parks in Massachusetts (2022 Updated)

There are eight excellent dog parks in Massachusetts, but which one is the best? Read on to find out. We’ve reviewed parks in Wrentham, Sharon, Medford, Sheepfold, and Weymouth.

There’s a dog park for every dog size, so no matter your pooch’s size, it can find some exercise. The best ones will also accommodate your pup without putting him or her in danger.

Medford Dog Park

Tel : (781) 393-2563
Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 6am–9pm

The town of Medford has an off-leash dog park for dogs, but it doesn’t seem like the entire town is on board with it. In fact, there are more than 70 dog parks within driving distance. Here’s a list of Medford dog parks, and links to their website where you can learn more about them, including pictures, directions, and reviews from other pet owners. There’s even a pet-friendly hotel in Medford!

This dog park is free, but owners must be licensed and vaccinated to bring their pets. Dogs that are in heat or under four months of age should remain at home. Dog owners must watch their dogs at all times and clean up after them. Repeated abuse will result in permanent removal of the pet from the dog park. While the township of Medford wants to keep the park clean and safe, you must respect the dog’s rights to space and other people.

The Medford Dog Park is located in the city of Medford, Oregon. The park is located on East Barnett Road, near the Black Bear Dinner and People’s Bank. To the north is the Medford IOOF Cemetery, founded in 1890. The park is also within one-and-a-half miles of the South Oakdale Historic District, a mostly residential neighborhood. This park offers a wide variety of activities for your canine.

Wrentham Dog Park

Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 5am–9pm

If you are looking for a dog park near you, the Wrentham Dog-Park is a great option. The dog- park is fully fenced and features water bowls and off-leash areas for your dog to exercise, socialize and play. Many people use the park as a dump site and there are also several benches and trashcans for owners to keep their dog waste and water clean. Despite its popularity, this park is not free of people or litter.

Located on North Street and Bennett Avenue in Wrentham, MA, the Wrentham Development Center Dog Park is a great place to exercise your pup. There are plenty of benches that look like big dog bones. There is a separate area for small dogs, but this park is open for all dogs. While dogs are allowed, owners should ensure that they have current vaccinations, supervise their pets at all times, and clean up after their dogs.

Sheepfold Dog Park

Tel : 617-727-1199 ext. 406
Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 7am–8pm

Sheepfold DogPark is an off-leash, massive field just north of Boston. Located on the Stodder’s Neck peninsula at the mouth of the Back River, this park is a haven for canines and their owners. It features an off-leash area and a picnic table. There is a designated off-leash area, and you can bring water and a dish for your pup.

Sharon Dog Park

Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 6:30am–9pm

In the city of Sharon, Massachusetts, you can take your dog for a walk in the Sharon Dog Park, which is a fully fenced area with a large fenced in area. This dog park is also well-maintained and has many amenities for your pup to enjoy. This dog park is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It also has a smaller area for smaller dogs and puppies. This park is also fenced in, and there are plenty of waste bags throughout.

This park is located in the city of Sharon, which is located 4.5 miles from Boston. You can access this park by taking Exit 10 from I-95 and then turn right onto South Main Street. The park is fully fenced and there is ample parking available at the park’s rear. Parking for your dog is easy to find as there are plenty of parking spots for all types of dogs.

Danehy Dog Park

Tel: 617-349-4895
Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 6am–8pm

While the Danehy Dog Park is known for its off-leash areas, this Cambridge-based park also features walking paths and green spaces. Its 50-acre oasis provides your pet with a refreshing physical workout and vital mental stimulation. This park is also located in the city’s oldest park, Boston Common, which was founded in 1634 and remains one of the city’s most popular outdoor spaces.

While Cambridge is not a city in itself, this Boston neighborhood is one of the most dog-friendly areas. In addition to a fenced-in off-leash area, this park also offers soccer and jogging trails.

The park is free for dogs to use, so owners can enjoy the city’s many cultural attractions. Another Boston park that is dog-friendly is Danehy Dog Park, a 50-acre park that features an off- leash area and a large playground.

A well-lit park is an ideal choice for dog owners, as it will help you monitor your pup at night. Hours are also an important consideration, as some dog parks allow off-leash play only during specific hours, so choose a dog park that’s convenient for you. Make sure you read the posted rules of each park to ensure safety for you and your pup. When it comes to safety, the Danehy Dog Park is one of the best choices in Massachusetts.

Randolph Dog Park

Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 7am–7pm

Many area dog owners are working to create a dog park in Randolph. One group is planning a community meeting Feb. 24 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss possible locations for the dog park. It is hoped that the meeting will increase awareness of the need for a dog park in the town and help the group express its support for the concept. Nearly 1,700 dogs are registered in the town, and many people travel to other cities to bring their dogs to dog parks. While dog parks serve many purposes, they also provide a common ground for the community and are a great way for residents to socialize. The site for the park is 26.5 acres of land that abuts the Avon Industrial Park.

For those looking for an off-leash environment for their pups, the Town of Randolph Dog Park is a great choice. The park is located behind town hall and offers plenty of space for your four- legged friend to run and play. There is a water fountain, a doggie ramp, and a decommissioned fire hydrant for your dog to climb. The park also has several hiking trails, so you and your dog

can go for a hike and let the dogs run and play in safety.

Medway Dog Park

Email: [email protected]
Hours of Operation : Mon – Sun 6:30am–8pm

The Medway Dog park is an acre-long fenced-in dog park run by the town of Mediway. It provides a safe environment for dogs to play, run, and socialize. Owners can take their dogs for a walk around the park to exercise, socialize, and make new friends. This park is dog-friendly and requires dog licenses. The Medway Dog Park is open to dogs of all sizes, including service dogs.

Medway Dog Park is located at the intersection of Cottage and Village streets. The park features plaques honoring famous town residents. Two of these plaques are dedicated to police officers and firefighters. Visitors are encouraged to leash their dogs while they play. While on leash, make sure to pick up their dog’s waste. Medway Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in Massachusetts. And if you are not a dog lover, you’ll find lots of other activities in town as well.

The Medway Dog Park is an acre-long facility with double-entry gates. Dogs are permitted on leashes only from September 16 to April 30. Dogs must be vaccinated and spayed to enter the park. They are not allowed in the park if they’re under four months old, and there are also restrictions on bringing food or smoking. There’s also a strict policy about the number of dogs per owner.

Butler Farm Dog Park

Email: [email protected]

This off-leash dog park is in Millbury, MA. It is for millbury/Sutton residents and is open to up to 200 other communities’ licensed dogs. For a small fee, owners can bring their dogs to play in this park and enjoy the wide open space. The park is well-kept, and owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. During the summer, the park hosts various events, including poker tournaments and Halloween parades.

The park was built with the help of donations and the Stanton Foundation, which was started by the late broadcasting executive Frank Stanton. The Foundation paid for ninety percent of the costs of the park. A committee formed to run the park raised the rest of the money, including an adopt-a-brick campaign. While the Stanton Foundation and Hemenway & Barnes are the primary funders, the park committee is still in need of donations.

The park is fenced in and features concrete benches for humans to rest. While it is small, it has plenty of space for dogs to run around and exercise. This park is also close to the Packard’s Corner Green Line station, so you can take your dog there easily. You can also take your dog to Peters Park, a 50-acre park in Boston with a designated off-leash area and a baseball field.

Aside from the fenced-in area, this park is also a great place for humans to play soccer, jog, or play soccer with their dogs.

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