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Top 5 Best Haunted Attractions in Massachusetts (2022 Updated)

While in Massachusetts, you can check out the DementedFX Haunted House in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This haunted house was rated one of the world’s scariest haunted attractions by Buzzfeed. The haunted house features skilled actors and excellent displays, so you’re guaranteed to be frightened. This attraction is open Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. General admission tickets for adults cost $25 per adult. Visitors must sign a waiver before entering.

Factory of Terror

For many people, a visit to the Factory of Terror is one of the best haunted attractions in Massachusetts. Originally, this attraction was a walk in the woods, but it has grown since then. Now, you can experience multiple haunted attractions in one place, as well as a horror-themed fun fair. The haunted attraction has a mix of classic and modern elements.

The Massacre Haunted House features more than 100 actors in full makeup for a spooky experience. The haunted house includes over 60 rooms with unsettling scenes and mazes. Fear Factory 3-D features 3D special effects to make the experience even scarier. The experience is not for the faint-hearted. The haunted house is open every Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. General admission tickets are $25 for adults, and guests must sign a waiver before entering.

The scares at the Factory of Terror are surprisingly different from haunted houses you’ve seen before. Inflatables, clowns, and a clown were some of the scariest parts. It’s worth it if you love scary movies and scary attractions. The actors are well-dressed and make the experience as scary as possible. The scares at this haunted house are so different and so realistic that you’re sure to be frightened while walking through it.

Fear Town Haunted House

If you’re looking for a spooky, scary experience, Fear Town Haunted House is the place to go. With three haunted houses that combine for over 45 minutes of FEAR, this haunted attraction in Seekonk, Massachusetts, is a must-visit. Guests are also treated to a carnival-themed midway, food, and fun games to keep them entertained before the scary part of the show begins.

If you’re a thrill-seeking family, the Fear Town Haunted House is one of spooky attractions in Massachusetts. Located in woods right next to the Seekonk Speedway, this haunted attraction is a must-visit for Halloween lovers. This haunted attraction is one of the largest in the state and offers a family-friendly haunted experience for the entire family. The haunted maze is 45 minutes long, and the midway has a carnival-style vibe.

Fear Town is a long-time haunt lover’s dream come true. Though it’s not overly densely decorated, each area of the main attraction is carefully themed and the transitions between them are seamless. Props and actors are the strength of Fear Town. It’s worth going on a date or a family outing to this terrifying haunted attraction.

The Fear Town Haunted House in Worcester, MA is another haunted attraction you shouldn’t miss out on this Halloween. With award-winning props and hand-crafted sets, this haunted attraction is a must-visit for horror enthusiasts. Tickets are available online for $5 per person. Prices vary depending on the day you visit. It’s best to plan your visit well ahead of time and purchase tickets in advance.

Houghton Mansion

Houghton Mansion is one of New England’s most haunted places, and has won the title of scariest mansion in the country. This former mansion was built by the first mayor of North Adams in 1890, and is now home to the Masonic Temple. While the mansion’s owner is long dead, it is rumored that he is still haunted by two ghosts: his own daughter, Mary, and his own chauffeur. The chauffeur was believed to be responsible for the accident, but later shot himself.

The Houghton Mansion is said to be haunted by several spirits, including a ghost named Mattie Cornwall. The ghost of Mattie Cornwall, the first wife of S.K. Pierce, a prominent businessman and politician, haunts the mansion. A ghostly prostitute also haunts the mansion and its grounds. There are many tales of this paranormal activity in the mansion, and the mansion has several of them.

The Houghton Mansion is also home to a ghostly ghost that is said to have been a frequent guest. While the haunted history of the mansion goes back more than three centuries, the story of Lizzie Borden is one of the most chilling stories in New England. The story of the tragic case of Lizzie Borden has plagued the United States for over a century. In fact, many ghost stories from New England have nothing to do with the infamous Lizzie Borden.

King’s Chapel

A visit to King’s Chapel, located in Lenox, Massachusetts, will allow visitors to experience paranormal activity and witness the remains of the dead. Visitors report hearing a disembodied voice, feeling touched or pushed, and experiencing sudden chills. Some have even reported seeing certain entities. While these experiences aren’t common, they do occur. In fact, many people claim to have seen the ghostly ghost of an old woman.

Another haunted attraction in the state is the King’s Chapel Burying Ground. This cemetery is filled with ghosts, headless madams, and ill-figured shadows. Despite the cemetery’s beautiful setting, it is also home to a number of notorious dead Bostonians, including Captain Kidd, a former pirate bounty hunter. Kidd was hanged in England for his crimes, but his body was returned to Boston. Many visitors have claimed to hear or see his voice, cursing the Crown.

Visitors to King’s Chapel will be transported back to the days when the French allied with the American colonists. While Catholicism was illegal in the United States, a secret Catholic service was held in the chapel’s crypt. This secret Catholic service was attended by the chevalier de Saint Sauveur, a famous revolutionary. While the gravesite has been repurposed, the original grave remains are still visible.

Witch Mansion

If you’re a fan of Halloween haunted houses, you’ll want to make your way to Salem, Massachusetts. The town is known for its witch trials, which took place in 1692. Innocent lives were lost, and the sightings of ghosts have only increased over the years. If you’d like to see the living dead up close, you should visit the Witch Mansion, one of the 10 best haunted attractions in Massachusetts.

The Witch Mansion is open from 6pm to 11pm on select nights throughout October. It uses Hollywood-quality sets, live actors, and special effects to create a terrifying atmosphere. Children and adults can take part in an interactive haunted ghost tour of the Mansion. Tickets are priced at $9 per person for adults, and $7 for children. This haunt is recommended for ages eight and older.

The Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts is said to be haunted by her ghost. Her ghost is said to laugh at the top of the stairs. The mansion is now a museum and is home to a ghoul that is said to frequent the grounds where she was killed. It is also the location where Alexander Graham Bell made his first long-distance phone call.

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