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Top 8 Best Karaoke Bars in Massachusetts (2022 Updated)

While it’s impossible to find karaoke in every town in Massachusetts, there are several places where you can sing along with the hottest local acts. The following list of Massachusetts bars and clubs features eight of the best. You can sing your heart out for free at these locations!

The Boston area is a gold mine when it comes to karaoke. If you’re a karaoke lover, you’ll be happy to know that there are several bars in the Boston area that have karaoke nights. Listed below are Stage Karaoke Studios, Doc’s Place, Classics Pub, Royal KTV, and more.

Stage Karaoke Studios

  • Tel: +1 617 208 8302

A perfect evening of fun, karaoke, and dancing is one of the most satisfying ways to end a night of study or work. With an excellent service and hospitable atmosphere, Karaoke Place is the perfect place to bring friends and family for a night out. The karaoke machine is easy to use, but it is challenging to find songs that match your personal preferences. The location is also convenient for people who work downtown in Boston. And while you’re there, you’ll have access to alcohol, although the menu is limited.

If you’re looking for a more private karaoke experience, Limelight Stage & Studios in Boston may be for you. This karaoke bar offers private rooms, alcohol, and complimentary snacks. The venue features a large music library with more than 70,000 songs. A private room is available for parties and is a perfect setting to practice karaoke.

Doc’s Place

  • Tel: +1 413 593 1591

If you’re looking for a nightclub in Massachusetts, look no further than Doc’s Place Karaoke Bar. This bar is open 365 days a year and offers a wide variety of delicious drinks. One notable feature of this bar is that it does not allow underage patrons. Despite its name, this is not your average karaoke bar. It features a large stage and an Asian-style karaoke box for the ultimate in private parties.

Classics Pub

  • Tel: +1 978 227 5258

If you’re looking for the perfect place to sing with friends and sing your favorite songs with other people, Boston’s karaoke bars are the place for you. You can choose from the big-name bars in Boston, or you can find a cozy pub in Peabody. Classics Pub and Limelight Stage + Studios are two such places. They offer private rooms for your party and have Asian style karaoke boxes.

The first time this karaoke bar opened, Anthony “Ray” Capozzoli started chatting with customers and welcoming them. The ambiance is still as familiar as ever, and karaoke is held every Friday night. No cover charge is required. Another place to sing is Jekyl and Hyde, a karaoke bar with a Halloween theme.

This speakeasy-style tavern is the perfect place to sing your favorite songs. The bar offers free songbooks online and karaoke on your phone. You can sing your heart out to your favorite songs while enjoying a drink in the cocktail lounge. In addition, the pub offers swing dancing and a boxing ring. The bar is a popular place for large groups, and the atmosphere is perfect for sing-alongs.

Royal KTV

With an impressive pedigree, Crunchy’s is one of the best karaokery bars in Massachusetts. This establishment offers live music on weekends, special events, and a variety of bar food and drink specials. Guests can even purchase a bucket of beer, which is equal to 24 ounces of beer and includes Silver Bullet and Rogue.

This bar also features a SLINGO game, which is similar to BINGO, but instead of playing bingo, players fill a square on a Master Slingo Card. Players who connect five squares win a large money prize. The added incentive of winning SLINGO will encourage singers to belt out their favorite tunes. The SLINGO game is sure to bring in large crowds, making it one of the best karaoke bars in Massachusetts.

With private rooms and over 35,000 songs to choose from, you’ll find it hard to find a bad karaoke bar in Boston. The space is clean, with a nice karaoke system and a variety of songs. There is a small menu, but the food and drink selection is excellent. Getting a drink and a bite to eat are two of the many fun things to do in Boston.

Midway Café

With its ‘anything goes’ attitude, J.P.’s Midway Café is a favorite among Boston’s queer community, and its sing-along sessions start at 10 p.m., making it an excellent venue for beginners and more experienced performers alike. In fact, karaoke nights are so popular here
that the place regularly hosts events to raise money and awareness for local LGBTQ+ organizations.

Midway Café is one of the best kakaya bars in Massachusetts, and it offers a large selection of tunes and has a private room for small groups. There are over 100 tequila choices at this popular Boston karaoke bar, and you can also order drinks and appetizers in addition to your favorite song. While the Midway Café is an obvious choice for Massachusetts residents, you may want to check out nearby establishments for a romantic evening.

Shine Square Pub

  • Tel: +1 617 945 7115

If you want to sing along to your favorite songs, karaoke bars are the perfect place to do it. From popular Boston bars to small, cosy pubs, Massachusetts has a wide range of karaoke venues to choose from. Some karaoke venues are available for private parties, and some even offer Asian style karaoke boxes. Listed below are some of the best Boston-area karaoke bars.

Located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Shine Square Pub is one of the best places to enjoy karaoke. It offers excellent drink specials and live music. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, attracting many people from the twenty to fifty-something age range. It offers a great menu of gourmet food and drink specials. There are also several games to choose from, including a variety of popular karaoke songs.

La Fania Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends, karaoke bars are a perfect choice. From the big name Boston spots to small, cozy pubs in Peabody, Massachusetts, there’s a karaoke bar to meet everyone’s needs. Many locations feature private rooms. Some even have Asian-style karaoke boxes.

Karaoke is a popular past time, and there’s no shortage of Boston karaoke bars. Boston’s many bars offer weekly or nightly sessions. Many bars also feature regular sing-alongs. Whether you’re going on a date, celebrating an anniversary, or simply spending an evening with your significant other, you’ll find a karaoke bar to meet your needs.

The Lansdowne Pub

The Lansdowne Pub is home to the state’s most popular karaoke night, with thousands of enthusiastic fans who enjoy belting out their favorite tunes and singing along to the music. Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke performer or just a newbie, this dynamic Irish pub has something for everyone. Live music, traditional bar food and great drinks are sure to make you want to return for more.

The Lansdowne Pub has become a tourist area landmark and a premier after-concert spot for years. Live karaoke featuring a rock, country and pop band is available every Thursday night. Live karaoke acts like Jukebox Heros are also a popular feature, providing an engaging karaoke experience.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or hosting an event, you’re sure to find a place to sing your heart out. While you’re at it, make sure to bring some extra cash – the karaoke nights are very popular! Just make sure you bring your best vocals – the more people you have the more chances you have of being chosen to perform!

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