4 Best Tattoo Shops in Massachusetts (2022 Updated)

If you are looking for a quality, affordable place to get your next tattoo in Massachusetts, there are a few great choices. You can check out Dia Moeller Tattoo Studio, Pinos Bros Ink, Holistic Ink, and Keepsake Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing. We also give you the scoop on five great places to get piercings in the area. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be feeling a whole lot better about the whole process.

Dia Moeller tattoo shop

  • Tel: +1 617-902-0957

If you are in the market for a new tattoo, consider visiting the Dia Moeller tattoo shop in Boston, Massachusetts. The owner of the studio has been tattooing since 2010. Her designs are realistic, black and grey realism with touches of colour. Her style blends portraiture, botanicals, animals and macabre. The atmosphere is welcoming and she is experienced at making you feel comfortable.

In the heart of Somerville, Massachusetts, Dia Moeller tattoo studio is a popular spot for locals looking for the best tattoos. This popular shop features the finest tattoo artists in the region. Located at 3399 Washington St, Boston, the shop has been in business for over a decade. You can book a consultation with Dia a few months in advance, so don’t wait until last minute!

If you live in Boston, Massachusetts, you can visit Regeneration Tattoo in Allston, MA. This shop is a great choice for those looking for traditional tattoo designs. They employ a variety of tattoo artists and offer walk-in consultations only. Regeneration Tattoo was named one of the best tattoo shops in Boston by Improper Bostonian in 2014 and was nominated for the Best of the Phoenix Award in 2015. Their tattoo artists are renowned for their quality work, affordable prices and a perfection-oriented attitude.

The ambiance is welcoming and the atmosphere is bright. You can get a tribal tattoo or a traditional design. This shop also offers barber services and espresso bar. The experience and professionalism of the artists at this tattoo shop will make you feel comfortable and confident. The experience is second to none! You’ll love your new tattoo, and you’ll have a beautiful memory of it for a lifetime.

Good Faith Tattoo is another excellent tattoo shop in Boston. They specialize in tattoos, ranging from full-colour traditional art to neotraditional tattoos. These tattoo artists are experienced and talented, and you can bring in any references or sketches you may have for reference. Good Faith Tattoo is open on both weekdays and weekends. If you’re looking for a one-session tattoo, they have artists to fit your needs.

Pinos Bros Ink

The company, Tattoo Art Studio, is a management company that provides artists with a quality experience. The company strives to provide artists with educational opportunities and artistic support. The tattoo studios are well-known for their work. Their tattoo studios are located in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the country. Located in Somerville, Massachusetts, they have been in the business for more than 40 years.

The shop is a Boston institution. There are several tattoo artists on staff. The artists at Pino Bros have a diverse portfolio and can accommodate any style. The shop also follows a strict policy of not accepting clients under the age of 18. All tattoo appointments require proper identification, so you can rest assured that Pinos Bros Ink is safe and reliable for your new tattoo.

The Boston Tattoo Company is a premier licensed tattoo studio in Boston. The company features award-winning tattoo artists and a large selection of flash designs. You can even have your tattoo done while enjoying a drink at one of the many Boston dive bars. The Boston Tattoo Company offers free consultations and walk-ins as well. Whether you are looking for something subtle or complex, Pinos Bros Ink will make the process smooth and easy for you.

Another tattoo studio in the Boston area is the Jamaica Plain Tattoo Company. Located in Jamaica Plain, this studio has been in business for eight years. They specialize in both traditional and contemporary tattooing styles. Their studio is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 10 pm and on Sundays from 12 to 6 PM. Its dedicated ink artists are certified by the Better Business Bureau and are backed by a guarantee.

Tattoo Art Studio has several tattoo artists specializing in Japanese, Western, and American traditional styles. They also have a portfolio of pointillism designs. Another popular tattoo studio in Boston is Fat Ram’s. The studio has seven tattoo artists and is known for its professional tattoo artist staff. The studio uses single-use needles and sterilization with steam autoclave. The staff is highly trained in safety and cleanliness.

Holistic Ink

If you want the best designs with top-notch needlework, Holistic Ink is the place to go. The tattoo shop’s website has an FAQ section that answers your most common questions, and you can also get piercing, permanent makeup, and microblading done. The shop is located in Allston, Boston’s hipster district, and is open seven days a week.

The world’s friendliest tattoo studio, Anchors End is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. With two locations, this shop features amazing artists. One of the best artists in Massachusetts is Lindsee Boyer, a one-woman shop that has experience working in the best shops in the country. Her bold, vibrant colors and detailed line work make her a standout among the state’s best tattoo studios. You must make an appointment with her to receive the best work.

Another great tattoo shop is Holistic Ink, which is based in Lemon Grove. It has a wide selection of tattoos, including animal designs and Victorian pieces. Ryan Murray and Matthew Murray are twin brothers who opened the shop in 2012. Their tattoos are full of intricate detail and range from photo-realistic to neo-traditional, and include a Stephen King “It” clown portrait to three-eyed cat heads on broomsticks.

Another great tattoo shop in Massachusetts is Good Faith Tattoo. In addition to providing quality tattoos, this shop also offers piercing services. Opened in 2002, this shop was featured on the local Chronicle television program. With seven tattoo artists, Good Faith has many satisfied customers and offers gifts to commemorate your tattoo. The tattoo shop also offers shirts, flash sheets, and pins for sale.

Another excellent tattoo shop in Massachusetts is Fat Ram’s. This store is one of the first licensed in Massachusetts, and it has been operating since the year 2000. Its artists are proficient in Japanese, American Traditional, Fine Line, Portraiture, and Realism styles. Its studio has a sterilized area and uses single-use needles. Its artists are also trained in CPR and first aid.

Keepsake Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing

  • Tel: +1 978-462-5559

If you’re looking for a tattoo studio on the seacoast, Look no further than Keepsake Custom Tattoo and Body Pier Cing. This newly built studio features artists who specialize in all types of artwork. They also follow the strictest safety and sterility standards, making them the best studios in the area. Keepsake is also the only legal studio in the immediate area.

If you’re looking for a new tattoo, Boston is home to several top studios. The Keepsake Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing is located near the New Hampshire border. It’s the top spot for custom tattoos, boasting spacious rooms and award-winning artists. Boston Tattoo Company, located in Cambridge, also has thousands of designs and is open to custom designs.

Have Fun Be Lucky specializes in custom, high quality tattoos. It has four resident artists with individual styles, each with their own distinctive approach to tattooing. These artists specialize in fine line art, neo-traditional designs, and vintage illustrations. Have Fun Be Lucky offers vegan pigment and stencils. And, if you’re looking for a tattoo studio near Boston, you’ve found it!

In addition to the Top 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Massachusetts, Good Faith Tattoo is a top-notch shop in Hyannis, MA. This studio specializes in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, as well as body piercing services. Established in 2007, Good Faith Tattoo and Body Piercing has a reputation for a friendly, clean environment, and a relaxed atmosphere. Good Faith Tattoo also welcomes walk-in customers, offering a variety of services.

In the Boston area, Enchanted Dragon Tattoo Studio is an established tattoo studio focused on body art. The staff is friendly and committed to creating high-quality custom tattoos. The tattoo shop maintains strict medical guidelines and their artists are flexible. The studio is located at 1139 Main Street, Concord, MA 01742.

If you’re looking for a high-quality tattoo in Massachusetts, the Black Veil is the perfect place. Located in Salem, it serves the greater Boston area. Owners Matthew and Ryan Murray focus on traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles. Their work has been featured in Northshore Magazine, Boston Voyager, and Vogue. A highly recommended shop, Chameleon Tattoo and Body Piercing is also known for its professional service.

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