Consignment Shops in Maine

Top 15 Consignment Shops in Maine You’re Going to Love

Maine is a state on the Northern side of the United States, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the South, and prides itself in being the only state bordered by another state to the west. Mane offers scenic and numerous tourist attractions spots that makes it popular for tourist and locals.

It has beautiful low rolling mountains that attract mountain climbers and hikers, thick forest interiors, and breathtaking picturesque sandy beaches. The city of Mane has many iconic attractions such as the beautiful heritage national parks, the famous old port and Portland head lighthouses, beautiful botanical gardens, the Portland Museum of Art, and other attractions.

Maine is known for its beautiful modern restaurants that serve fresh seafood cuisines. There are unique boutiques, galleries, and consignment shops that offer affordable items to suit different tastes and preferences. Most consignment shops deal with second-hand clothing items, antiques, jewelry, home furniture, art and craft items, households, and accessories at affordable prices.

People also make money by selling things that they no longer need. Most of these shops have written down terms and conditions for consignments. They offer online shopping, walking, and in-store pick-ups. Most of these items are antiques and vintages that tourists and locals bag at affordable rates. We have listed down the best consignment shops that you can visit during your tour of Maine below.

Best 15 Consignment Shops in Maine


Haberdashery Consignment 1
Credit: @haberdasheryportland
Haberdashery Consignment 2
Credit: @haberdasheryportland

Haberdashery is a resale clothing boutique that focuses on sustainable modern and vintage fashion items at affordable rates. Located in the heart of Portland, the store is well known for its very unique, stylish, and affordable clothing pieces and sustainable fashion.

Haberdashery is a shop owned by women designers who are passionate about fashion. The items are well selected and of high quality made from fabrics such as linens, silks, organic kinds of cotton, waxed kinds cotton, cashmere, and recycled items. Clients can find top brands such as CP, Shades, Everlane, Ace, Jig, Ula Johnson, to mention a few.

Apart from its brick-and-mortar shop, they do regular updates of new inventory on their website and Instagram.


Find Consignment 1
Credit: @findportland
Find Consignment 2
Credit: @findportland

Find is strategically located between Portland Historic Old Port and Arts District. It is a second-hand thrifting shop that offers an array of carefully selected vintage and second-hand clothing. You can find upcycled pieces and beautifully redesigned clothing.

They offer a selection of locally crafted and vintage jewelry. The consignment process at Find is well structured to ensure that the items meet the quality standards and are not limited to particular brands or years of manufacturing. You can exchange items for store or cash.

Little Ghost

Little Ghost 1
Credit: @littleghostvintage
Little Ghost 2
Credit: @littleghostvintage

Little Ghost is a brick-and-mortar shop located in the heart of the heartland. The owner is an avid thrift scourer with a keen eye for vintage and thrift items. You are guaranteed unique finds every time you visit the shop. The shop deals with an array of unique clothing such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, vintage dresses and swimwear, jackets, shirts, and other vintage clothing.

They also deal with vintage art and collectibles from 1970 and earlier that you can get at a bargain! Little ghost consignment shop prides itself at holding booths at the Brimfield antique show and part of the Portland Flea for all family

Portland Flea-For-All

Portland Flea-For-All 1
Credit: @fleaforall
Portland Flea-For-All 2
Credit: @fleaforall

Portland Flea-For-All is a flea market for vendors. The market is famous for its wide range of vintage, antique and handmade items. Vendors sell different items: such as clothing, jewelry, furniture, classic vinyl, and other things. The flea market is a shared space for small business vendors to sell and display their items.

Irrespective of your style, age, or budget, you are guaranteed to find something at the Portland Flea-for-all consignment shop. Take a walk in the open market boutique to experience different items from Maine-based vendors.

The Merchant Co.

The Merchant Co. 1
The Merchant Co. 2

Located at Congress tree, The Merchant Co. is a shop that sells unique art and crafts items and quality vintage pieces. If you love art, this is the shop to visit. The Merchant Co is co-owned by three local designers who came together to support local artists, the local economy, and small businesses in Maine.

It is a home for unique artistic items with a range of vintage clothing, accessories, vinyl classics, stationery, jewelry, and handmade pottery made with love by local artists. It offers a nice mix and gives shoppers a challenge of choice!

Pinecone + Chickadee

Pinecone + Chickadee 1
Credit: @pineconeandchickadee
Pinecone + Chickadee 2
Credit: @pineconeandchickadee

Pine and Chickadee are a clothing and accessories brand owned by a beautiful couple in the heart of Portland. The brick and mortar shop is a gem that offers a mix of unique finds gift items, most of which are a limited edition. They sell the PineCone + Chickadee apparel brands, housewares, jewelry, modern design objects, unique and beautiful stationery, posters, and vintage items.

Whether you are looking for gift items or quality homeware and clothing items, this is a convenient shop that you are guaranteed to land on something unique and that meets your needs.

Material Objects

Material Objects 1
Credit: @materialobjectsme
Material Objects 2
Credit: @materialobjectsme

Material Objects is one of the few shops that you will find that deals with quality thrift clothing. It is widely known for some unique finds clothing items that are affordable and in good pristine condition. They also stock an array of unique jewelry and accessories fit to complete any outfit. They take seasonal consignments for summer, winter, and spring.

Peacock Consignment Boutique

Peacock Consignment Boutique 1
Credit: @peacockboutique
Peacock Consignment Boutique 2
Credit: @peacockboutique

Peacock Consignment Boutique is a classy chic boutique with modern design and ample extra space that is sublet to different people who sell their merchandise.

The shop offers quality women’s clothing and accessories. They sell fashionable designer dresses that are unique, high quality, and stylish at a bargain. Charlotte Lorraine’s consignment shop offers space to people to sell merchandise at their store with agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Everchanging Seasons Consignment Boutique

Everchanging Seasons Consignment Boutique 1
Credit: @everchangingsea
Everchanging Seasons Consignment Boutique 2
Credit: @everchangingsea

A beautifully designed boutique shop that deals with gently used high-quality fashion. Everchanging Seasons Consignment Boutique has well-priced vintage dresses, accessories, and a unique full jewelry line.

With warm and friendly customer service, the shop attendant will guide you through the aisles of displayed items such as gift cards, vintage household, and collectibles that you can bag from the shop at a bargain!

Melissa’s Mighty Finds Consignment & Antique

Melissa’s Mighty Finds Consignment & Antique is a one-stop shop that features the finest, high-quality designer clothing and furniture that is unique, stylish, and trendy. New beginnings consignment shop has bargains for handbags and accessories to pair with any outfit.

If you are looking for a masterpiece of jewelry, visit this shop and discover a variety of options. Women can get a complete high-quality outfit without breaking the bank.

The Ladie’s Room

The Ladie’s Room 1
Credit: @ladiesroometawas
The Ladie’s Room 2
Credit: @ladiesroometawas

The Ladie’s Room is a well-designed boutique shop that sells quality high-end fashion items at a bargain. Women can find masterpieces that have been well carefully picked, styled to suit the different needs of the upscale market. Most of the items at the shop are new and some barely worn items. The store also offers bespoke styling services to its customers.

It’s All About Resale

As the name suggests, It’s All About Resale shop deals with clothing, accessories, and handbags, furniture, as well as many other items. It offers a wide variety of curiosities for all tastes, as well as an intimate and familiar atmosphere.

Fresh Start Women Boutique

Fresh Start Women Boutique 1
Credit: @fresh_start_boutique
Fresh Start Women Boutique 2
Credit: @fresh_start_boutique

This shop guarantees top quality and an excellent selection of fashion items and accessories. Located in the downtown of Kennebunk, Fresh Start Boutique shop sells only the highest quality new and almost like new designer clothing. The boutique prides itself in carrying a closet of glen close items that you can get at a huge bargain.

Fresh Start Women Boutique only takes items that are within three years of age. They deal with new jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves, purses, hats, and gifts. Pricing is according to age, condition, and the label of the item. The owner of Fresh Start Women Boutique is a firm believer in green living and has aligned the structures of the shop to it.


Polish Consignment 1
Credit: @polish_your_look
Polish Consignment 2
Credit: @polish_your_look

Shop from a selection of upscale name brands, trendy fashion clothing, and accessories. Polish consignment shop deals with clothing and fashion items consignments and retails. You can also purchase unique home furniture items at the shop as you try on cute outfits for your wardrobe and at a bargain!

The shop accepts clothes based on seasons on different days of the week and is always open for furniture consignments.

Heirloom Consignment

Heirloom Consignment 1
Credit: @heirloomconsignment
Heirloom Consignment 2
Credit: @heirloomconsignment

Heirloom is one of the largest consignment shops for home decor and furnishings based in Southern Maine. It deals with antiques, modern and contemporary furniture designs and has a unique vintage selection.

Whether you are furnishing a home, giving your apartment a facelift, or simply looking for deco items, Heirloom consignment is the shop to visit! The prices are also very pocket-friendly. In addition, they offer bespoke services on how to redecorate your home, styling and arranging different home items and furniture.

Our Criteria

A good number of people enjoy going shopping. It can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the area or have a long list of shops that you need to visit. Maine has several consignment shops that deal with different items and have target specific clients. To come up with a list of best shops, we looked at the following factors.

  • We have chosen shops that are well known to the people living in the area or even beyond.
  • Client ratings and reviews. The higher and better the ratings, the better the shop.
  • Policies. We looked at the shops with the most transparent policies and positive experiences from buyers and sellers.
  • Creativity. We love creative stores that offer us something different that cannot be found in other similar stores.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Picking a Consignment Shop

It is also important to note that when you are considering a consignment shop, there are several factors that you should consider;

  • Research the shops that have the items that you need.
  • Consider looking for a shop that is near you and offers the items that you are looking for or looking to buy
  • Get a shop that offers a variety of items. It makes it easy to get most items in one shop and means the shop has more customers.
  • Transport cost. Get a shop that is in close proximity to you for easy access.
  • Customer service. Check on the reviews about customer service. It helps in a smooth shopping experience.
  • Lastly, check on your budget and go for the shop that has items within your budget. Most shops have websites that have listed their items. would be a great place to start so that you can be familiar with the product and prices.

Enjoy Your Shopping!

Looking for secondhand memorabilia, crafts, artwork or clothing has never been so much fun! In Maine you’ll find a wide variety of consignment shops where you can discover amazing and completely unique items that you won’t find anywhere else – who knows if you’ll discover your next amulet, your new favorite painting, or that missing piece from your collection in Maine!

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