Best Tattoo Shops in MS

8 Best Tattoo Shops in MS: Detailed Reviews (2022 Updated)

Do you want to get a tattoo somewhere in the great state of Mississippi? We have some great news, as the legal age for getting a tattoo doesn’t follow the alcohol age limit, and it is set at 18. Another great piece of news is that Mississippi offers a large number of tattoo shops and artists, many of which are renowned across the entire country for their work.

The only thing remaining is deciding on the right tattoo shop. Read on to find out what the best tattoo shops in MS are and what they have to offer.

The Best Tattoo Shop in Mississippi

While there are dozens of tattoo shops scattered across Mississippi, there’s only one that can take the title of the best that the state has to offer:

Paul’s Tattoo Parlor

Paul's Tattoo Parlor
Credit: @tatmanpaul228

In business since 2013, Paul’s Tattoo Parlor has become the spot to get inked for people from all over Mississippi. Some even take a trip to the south of the state just to get a tattoo. Portraits and traditional tattoos come out great here, but this parlor excels at the modern, elaborate black and gray sleeves. Colorful options are also available, as evident by the shop’s Instagram account.

Owned and operated by Paul Tamborella, this tattoo place proudly and deservingly carries the title of the best tattoo shop in MS. Here’s what makes it the best:

When you first step into the shop, you’ll be met by an extremely friendly owner. While one of the employees helps you settle in, Paul will explain all of the process details and listen to your every request. Before starting actual work, he offers suggestions and improvements.

Not only does Paul’s Tattoo Parlor offer world-class quality tattoos, but the entire process is done in a tattoo shop that has a great atmosphere. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised with the bill – Paul offers amazing prices for the top-notch quality that he offers.

The only flaw that this tattoo spot might have is a fairly long waiting list. But trust us, it’s worth waiting a few weeks to get a seat at Paul’s Tattoo Parlor.

7 More Best Tattoo Shops in MS

If it’s too far from you, or if waiting for a spot in the best tattoo shop in the state isn’t an option, you can try one of our other suggestions. Trust us, all of the listed places were considered as close contenders for the title of the best shop in MS. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Here’s a list of some of the best tattoo shops in Mississippi:

1. Illusion Ink

Illusion Ink
Credit: @illusioninktattoo

Moving us to the Northern part of the stat is Illusion Ink. This is one of the premier tattoo parlors of the entire Mid-South US. They’ve been in business for more than 26 years, and they offer custom tattoo designs and piercings.

Among others, you can find Bobby Lampley, Jeff Tippett, Tyler Renfrow, and Michael Luster working in this studio. This number of artists means that the tattoo styles that the studio can accommodate is basically endless. All of them are extremely talented and accommodating, so you can’t go wrong when picking.

The tattoo shop’s atmosphere and the artists’ energy are just some of the things that Illusion Ink’s customers underline as the things they keep coming back for.

Unfortunately, due to the high turn-around, the staff can sometimes appear unaccommodating or even rude. However, these cases are rare.

As long as you schedule an appointment, there shouldn’t be any issues with Illusion Ink. Visit them today and see for yourself.

2. Carnivale Tattoo

Carnivale Tattoo
Credit: @carnivale_tattoo

Carnivale Tattoo is one of the Mississippi tattoo spots with more than two decades worth of experience and reputation. Established in 2011, this tattoo shop specializes in many different styles. Whether you’re looking to get a large portrait tattoo, a colorful full-sleeve, a black and gray modern landscape, or something small and meaningful, the Carnivale tattoo might be the right place for you.

Commonly referred to as the King of tattoos, Ben Louis runs Carnivale tattoo. He’s joined by two other tattoo artists, Matt Kowalchyk and Cheyeene Carlisle.

Top-quality colors and supplies, recently updated and state-of-the-art facilities, as well as some of Mississippi’s finest artists, are all upsides to this tattoo shop. They are also highly praised for their piercing services.

Waiting periods for walk-ins can get long in Carnivale Tattoo, so make sure to book an appointment online or over the phone before going in. Another negative about the place is that, probably due to the amount of traffic they receive, artists can sometimes seem unfriendly.

Check them out online or in-person and find out why more than 570 Google users have decided to award them with an average of 4.7 stars.

3. Inkk Culture Tattoo

Inkk Culture Tattoo
Credit: @inkkculturetattoollc

Moving to the capital of Mississippi, we run into Inkk Culture Tattoo. You can get your permanent body ornaments in different styles here. From tribal tattoos and dragons to portraits, color work, and small tattoos, Inkk Culture and its artists offer it all.

The place is run by the amazing Kamberly Ledford, more commonly known as Lady Ink. Artists such as Dewayne Henry, Courtney Vice Collette, John Graham, and Arjun Trehan, among others, are also there to take care of your any tattooing or piercing needs.

In addition to exceptional quality, Inkk Culture and its artists also offer something that you can’t find commonly in Mississippi – an option to pick a female artist. Unfortunately, female tattoo artists from southern states tend to gravitate towards bigger cities such as New York and LA.

This is not the case with Lady Ink and her crew. This is something that female clients might be more comfortable with, especially on their first seating.

Their pricing might not be for everyone’s wallet, but the final quality of the work more than justifies the steep prices.

Visit Inkk Culture in Jackson, Mississippi, and see for yourself why everyone keeps singing their praises.

4. Jack & Diane’s Tattoo

Jack & Diane’s Tattoo
Credit: @jackanddianestattoo

Are you after a parlor that is guaranteed to satisfy your every tattoo-related need? If the answer is yes, you should look no further than Jack & Diane’s Tattoo. Inking their way through Gulfport since 1981, this is the oldest tattoo shop in Mississippi.

Colorful, traditional, Japanese, and other styles of permanent body imagery is available at Jack & Diane’s. In addition to the owners who the shop is named after, Sean, Dan, Marshall, Curtis, Dave, Scotty, Derek, and Austin also work in this tattoo parlor.

The number of artists ensures that the shop can even take walk-ins without creating massive lines. This is a true rarity in today’s time. Still, making an appointment is recommended despite this fact. Another good thing is that the pricing is not hourly. The prices are based on the design you and the artist agree on, so you won’t be charged anything above the quoted mark. Adding color or different body locations won’t cost you extra either.

We found no negatives about Jack & Diane’s, so make sure to visit them if you’re in the area. Making a trip to this place is also going to be worth it, regardless of where in the US you are.

Jack & Diane’s is not only one of the best MS tattoo shops, but it can also easily qualify as one of the best tattoo spots in America.

Working together for more than four decades, Jack and Diane brought their son Sean into the business more than 20 years ago, and even their grandson Austin has earned a permanent spot at the shop recently. A true American business, Jack & Diane’s can’t be recommended enough.

5. Electric Dagger Tattoo

Electric Dagger Tattoo
Credit: @electricdagger

Those who are after a bright and colorful tattoo will feel right at home at the Electric Dagger Tattoo shop. Those after other types of tattoos will also be more than happy here. One of Jackson, MS’s finest, this tattoo shop has been working with and on tattoo lovers since 2013.

Owned and operated by Jason Thomas, this shop first specialized in tattooing skulls, snakes, and daggers. With the addition of two new artists, Mike Richardson and Mallory Kay Palmertree, the portfolio extended significantly. Now they can accommodate illustrative, traditional, and colorful tattoos, as wells as black and gray ones.

A professional, clean, and homey environment are some of Electric Dagger’s finest characteristics. Exceptional artists share the spotlight, making this an ideal spot to get a tattoo if you’re in and around Fondren.

Due to the limited amount of space, the shop rarely takes walk-ins. Booking an appointment is suggested. Another thing that some might consider a negative is that you’ll need to have cash on hand, as the Electric Dagger doesn’t take credit cards.

Visit Jason and the folks at the Electric Dagger when you have the chance and see for yourself what a proper American tattoo studio should look and feel like.

6. Studio 22 Elite Piercings & Tattoos

Studio 22 Elite Piercings & Tattoos
Credit: @textuallyactive

With almost 20,000 satisfied customers in just over six and a half years of work, Studio 22 Elite Piercings & Tattoo has become one of the busiest tattoo and piercing shops in the country.

This Mississippi tattoo shop is a few steps ahead of the rest when it comes to the way they approach work. The shop and the artists stick with modern and simple designs and will rarely deviate from this style and method of work.

Looking for a true artist for your next tattoo? You can find one at Studio 22. Whether you book an appointment with Joe or Aaron, the ultimate customer satisfaction is guaranteed. While they specialize in piercings and photography/videography, both of the artists in Elite Piercings & Tattoos are more than capable of slowly needling into existence anything you imagine.

The only fault with this place is how busy the artists are. For this reason, they’ll refuse to answer any unneeded and obsolete questions online. They even might appear arrogant to those who keep pushing to get quotes and similar info over Instagram. Book a consulting appointment to experience Studio 22 the right way.

Be specific with your needs and wants when you message them, and it should be smooth sailing from there. Check out their profiles on the website listed above and see why all this hassle is worth it.

7. House of Pain Tattoos and Piercings

House of Pain Tattoos and Piercings
Credit: @houseofpainbyramms

Situated on the outskirts of Jackson, MS, House of Pain tattoo studio has been in business for more than 12 years. Winning the Best of Jackson award three years in a row, this place definitely deserves to be included on the list of the best tattoo shops in Mississippi.

There are two primary artists who operate out of this facility. The first one is the owner, Frankie Bonze. The other artist is his wife, Mandy. She happens to be the client’s favorite. Other artists and apprentices join them, ensuring that every possible tattoo style that customers come up with can be accommodated.

Winning multiple design awards, as well as a few related to customer service, House of Pain ensures a constant flow of new tattoo lovers. Their sponsorships with various tattoo supply companies are another guarantee of the quality of work you can receive.

According to Google reviews, customer service used to be a major problem with the House of Pain. However, as their awards can attest, the new management has managed to turn things around and provide a much more pleasant environment.

Whether it’s a coverup, custom design, or cosmetic tattooing you’re after, you should add House of Pain to the shortlist of potential choices.

How We Picked the Best Tattoo Shops in Mississippi

Here are some of the criteria we used to create the list of best tattoo parlors in MS:

  • Awards and Recognitions – all of the awards that artists and their shops have acquired over the years were taken as one of the key ranking elements.
  • Online Reviews – the average Google Review score, as well as the customers’ impressions on other platforms, were another major element in ranking the MS tattoo shops.
  • Customer Service – most of the artists and shops listed were contacted through Instagram to check how fast and in what way they respond to the potential clients’ requests.

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