Niihau Robinson Family Net Worth: The Secretive Hawaiian Island Owners

The isolated Hawaiian island of Niihau has been privately owned by the Robinson family for over 150 years. Shrouded in mystery, Niihau is often called “The Forbidden Island” due to its extremely limited access.

If you’ve ever wondered what the reclusive Robinson family is worth as owners of this unique island, read on to uncover the elusive details.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Robinson family’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million – $500 million based on the value of privately-owned Niihau island and its operations.

History of Niihau and the Robinson Family

Niihau is a small, secluded island located off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. What makes this island truly unique is not only its picturesque beauty, but also its fascinating history and the secretive Robinson family who have owned it for over 150 years.

Purchase of Niihau in 1864

In 1864, Elizabeth Sinclair, a widow from Scotland, purchased Niihau from King Kamehameha V for the sum of $10,000 in gold. The island was initially used as a sheep ranch, but its true potential was yet to be discovered.

Establishment of sheep ranch operation

The Robinson family, led by Sinclair’s grandson, Aubrey Robinson, recognized the potential of Niihau and established a successful sheep ranch operation. They introduced Merino sheep to the island and implemented innovative breeding techniques, resulting in high-quality wool production.

The Robinsons’ dedication and hard work paid off, as Niihau became known for its fine wool and became a major supplier to the global textile industry. The family’s commitment to excellence and sustainable farming practices ensured the success and longevity of their operation.

Continued family ownership for over 150 years

For over 150 years, the Robinson family has carefully maintained their ownership of Niihau, ensuring its preservation and keeping it closed off from the outside world. The island is known for its strict privacy policies, limited access, and preservation of traditional Hawaiian culture.

The Robinsons have not only been stewards of the land but have also played an active role in the community, supporting education, healthcare, and cultural initiatives for the local Hawaiian population. Their commitment to the island and its people has earned them respect and admiration.

Today, Niihau remains a place of beauty and mystery, a testament to the Robinson family’s dedication and love for the island. While the exact net worth of the Robinson family is shrouded in secrecy, it is undeniable that their ownership of Niihau has played a significant role in their wealth and legacy.

To learn more about the history of Niihau and the Robinson family, you can visit their official website here.

Value of Niihau Island Itself

The value of Niihau Island, also known as the “Forbidden Island,” is a topic that has intrigued many. As one of the most secretive and privately owned islands in Hawaii, it holds a certain mystique and allure.

While the exact current value of the island is difficult to determine due to its unique ownership and limited access, there are some indications of its worth.

Appraised value of $200 million in 1999

In 1999, Niihau Island was appraised at an estimated value of $200 million. This appraisal took into account various factors such as the island’s land area, natural resources, and potential for development.

It is important to note that this appraisal was conducted over two decades ago, and the value of the island may have significantly changed since then.

Prime Hawaiian real estate could mean higher current value

Being located in the pristine waters of Hawaii, Niihau Island is considered prime real estate. Its secluded location, untouched natural beauty, and potential for sustainable development make it a highly sought-after piece of land.

With the increasing demand for luxury properties and private retreats, it is possible that the current value of Niihau Island has risen significantly.

While there are no official figures available on the current value of Niihau Island, the unique characteristics and historical significance of the island make it an invaluable asset. The Robinson family, who has been the sole owner of the island for over 150 years, have carefully preserved its cultural heritage and maintained its natural beauty.

For more information on Niihau Island and its value, you can visit: www.niihau.us

Revenues Generated by Island Operations

The Niihau Robinson family, owners of the secretive Hawaiian island of Niihau, have managed to generate substantial revenues through various operations on the island. These operations encompass a wide range of industries, including sheep and honey production, as well as helicopter tours and hunting safaris.

Sheep and Honey Production

One of the main sources of revenue for the Niihau Robinson family is the production of sheep and honey on the island. Niihau has a rich history of sheep farming, with the family maintaining a sizable flock that provides wool and meat products.

Additionally, the island’s unique environment allows for the production of high-quality honey, which is in high demand both locally and internationally.

The sheep and honey production on Niihau not only contributes to the island’s economy but also helps to preserve traditional farming practices that have been passed down through generations. The Robinson family takes great pride in their commitment to sustainable agriculture and the preservation of the island’s natural resources.

Helicopter Tours and Hunting Safaris

In recent years, the Niihau Robinson family has capitalized on the island’s breathtaking beauty and unique ecosystem by offering helicopter tours to visitors. These tours provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the pristine landscapes and stunning coastline of Niihau from above.

The Robinson family has partnered with reputable tour operators to ensure the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the family has also established hunting safaris on the island, catering to hunting enthusiasts who seek a unique and exclusive experience. The abundance of wildlife on Niihau, including deer and feral sheep, provides ample opportunities for hunters to test their skills in a truly remarkable setting.

Both the helicopter tours and hunting safaris not only generate revenue for the Niihau Robinson family but also contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists and creating employment opportunities for the island’s residents.

Lavish Lifestyle Supported by the Wealth

The Niihau Robinson family, owners of the secretive Hawaiian island of Niihau, leads a lavish lifestyle supported by their immense wealth. Their financial resources allow them to indulge in a variety of opulent experiences and possessions.

Owning tropical islands, ranch properties

One of the ways the Niihau Robinson family showcases their wealth is through their ownership of not just one, but two tropical islands. In addition to Niihau, they also own the nearby island of Lehua. These private islands provide a secluded paradise for the family, where they can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The family’s wealth extends beyond their island properties. They also own several ranch properties, which allow them to engage in activities such as horseback riding, cattle farming, and hunting. These expansive ranches offer the family a sense of exclusivity and the opportunity to connect with the land.

Fleet of luxury vehicles, private jet

The Niihau Robinson family’s extravagant lifestyle is further exemplified by their impressive collection of luxury vehicles. From sleek sports cars to elegant sedans, their fleet of automobiles is a testament to their refined taste and financial success.

In addition to their luxury vehicles, the family also owns a private jet. This allows them to travel in style and convenience, whether it’s for business or leisure purposes. Their private jet offers them the freedom to fly to their desired destinations without the hassle of commercial air travel.

Did you know? The Niihau Robinson family’s net worth is estimated to be in the billions, making them one of the wealthiest families in Hawaii.


As one of Hawaii’s largest private landholders, the Robinsons derive their wealth from the incredible natural value of Niihau island itself along with longstanding operations centered around sheep ranching and tourism.

With prime real estate and business assets under their control, the family enjoys a lavish lifestyle befitting of Hawaiian royalty. While the full extent of their fortune remains cloaked in secrecy, estimates place the Niihau Robinson net worth safely in the hundreds of millions.

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