Spirit Airlines Personal Item Size Change: What You Need To Know

With recent changes to Spirit Airlines’ carry-on baggage policy, many travelers are left wondering exactly what the new personal item size restrictions are. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Spirit reduced the maximum personal item size from 18 x 14 x 8 inches to 16 x 14 x 12 inches in May 2022.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Spirit’s updated carry-on baggage policies, including:

– Background on the recent size changes

– What bags qualify as a ‘personal item’

– Updated size restrictions

– How the policy is being enforced

– Tips for packing light with the new rules

Background: Why Did Spirit Reduce Personal Item Size?

Spirit Airlines recently made a change to their personal item size requirements, which has left many travelers wondering why. Understanding the reasoning behind this change can help passengers better prepare for their upcoming flights.

Previous Carry-On Allowance Was Generous

Before the change, Spirit Airlines had one of the most generous personal item size allowances in the industry. Passengers were allowed to bring a personal item measuring up to 18 x 14 x 8 inches, in addition to a larger carry-on bag for an additional fee.

This larger personal item size allowed travelers to bring more items on board without having to check a bag, providing a convenient and cost-effective option for many.

However, the generous allowance often led to crowded overhead compartments and longer boarding times. Passengers would sometimes struggle to find space for their larger personal items, causing delays and frustrations for both passengers and flight attendants.

Change Intended to Speed Up Boarding Process

The reduction in personal item size by Spirit Airlines was primarily driven by the need to streamline the boarding process. By limiting the size of personal items to 16 x 14 x 12 inches, Spirit aims to ensure that passengers’ belongings fit more easily in the overhead compartments.

This change is expected to expedite the boarding process, allowing flights to depart on time and providing a smoother travel experience for all passengers.

The new size requirements also align Spirit Airlines with industry standards and bring them in line with other major airlines. Most airlines have similar size limitations for personal items, making it easier for passengers to understand and comply with the rules regardless of the airline they choose to fly with.

It’s important for passengers to be aware of these changes before their upcoming flights with Spirit Airlines. By adhering to the new personal item size requirements, travelers can help ensure a smoother boarding process and minimize delays for themselves and their fellow passengers.

What Counts as a Personal Item on Spirit Airlines?

When traveling with Spirit Airlines, it is important to understand what qualifies as a personal item. According to Spirit’s policy, a personal item can include a purse, tote bag, backpack, or laptop bag. These items should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.

It is worth noting that Spirit Airlines has recently implemented a change in their personal item size restrictions, so it is crucial to be aware of the updated guidelines.

Purse, Tote Bag, Backpack, Laptop Bag

When it comes to personal items on Spirit Airlines, you have some flexibility in choosing the type of bag you prefer to carry. A purse, tote bag, backpack, or laptop bag are all acceptable options. However, it is important to remember that the size of the bag matters.

The updated guidelines for personal items on Spirit Airlines state that the bag should not exceed the specified dimensions to ensure it can fit under the seat in front of you.

Must Fit Under Seat in Front of You

One key requirement for a personal item on Spirit Airlines is that it must fit under the seat in front of you. This means that the dimensions of your bag should be within the specified limits provided by the airline.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience. It is always a good idea to measure the dimensions of your bag before your trip to avoid any last-minute surprises at the gate.

For more detailed information on personal item size restrictions and guidelines on Spirit Airlines, you can visit their official website at www.spirit.com. It is important to stay up to date with the latest policies to avoid any inconvenience during your journey.

Remember, a well-prepared traveler is a happy traveler!

New Personal Item Size Restrictions

Spirit Airlines recently implemented new personal item size restrictions, affecting the dimensions of the bags passengers can bring on board. It is important for travelers to familiarize themselves with these changes to avoid any inconvenience or additional fees.

16 Inches Long x 14 Inches Wide x 12 Inches Tall

The new size limit for personal items on Spirit Airlines is set at 16 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. This means that the bag you carry with you must fit within these dimensions in order to be considered a personal item and not a carry-on bag.

It’s worth noting that these dimensions are smaller compared to the previous allowances, so it’s essential to double-check the size of your personal item before your flight to ensure compliance with the new restrictions.

Items Outside These Dimensions May Incur Fees

If your personal item exceeds the specified dimensions, Spirit Airlines may require you to check it as a carry-on bag or pay additional fees. It’s recommended to measure your bag before heading to the airport to avoid any unexpected charges.

Checking in your bag as a carry-on may result in additional expenses, so it’s advisable to pack efficiently and within the allowed size limits. This can help you save money and make your travel experience smoother.

For more information on Spirit Airlines’ personal item size restrictions, you can visit their official website here to find detailed guidelines and FAQs related to baggage regulations.

How Is Spirit Enforcing the New Personal Item Policy?

Spirit Airlines recently implemented a new personal item size policy, and passengers are curious about how the airline will enforce it. Here are a few ways Spirit is ensuring compliance with the updated rules:

Use of Size-Check Boxes at Gates

Spirit Airlines has introduced size-check boxes at the gates to measure the dimensions of personal items. Passengers will be required to place their personal items, such as backpacks or small bags, into these boxes to ensure they meet the specified size requirements.

This method allows the airline to quickly and efficiently check if a passenger’s personal item is within the allowed dimensions. If the item does not fit, passengers may be required to pay additional fees or check the item as a carry-on.

Free Personal Item Sizing Boxes Available

To assist passengers in determining whether their personal items comply with the new policy, Spirit Airlines is providing free personal item sizing boxes. These boxes can be found near the gate area and passengers are encouraged to use them before boarding.

By offering these sizing boxes, Spirit aims to help passengers avoid any surprises or inconvenience that may arise if their personal item does not meet the specified size limits.

Agents Perform Visual Checks During Boarding

In addition to the use of size-check boxes, Spirit Airlines agents will also perform visual checks during the boarding process. This means that even if a passenger’s personal item fits within the size-check box, it must still meet the airline’s requirements as visually determined by the agents.

Passengers should ensure that their personal items are not oversized, bulky, or excessively stuffed, as they may still be asked to check them as a carry-on if they do not meet the visual inspection criteria.

It is important for passengers to familiarize themselves with the new personal item policy and take the necessary steps to comply with it. By doing so, travelers can avoid any potential issues or extra fees associated with non-compliance.

For more information about Spirit Airlines’ personal item size policy, please visit their official website: https://www.spirit.com/.

Tips for Packing Light to Meet Size Requirements

Use a Foldable, Collapsible Bag

When it comes to packing light for your Spirit Airlines flight, one of the best tips is to use a foldable, collapsible bag. These types of bags are designed to be compact and can easily fit within the personal item size requirements set by the airline.

They can be folded or collapsed when not in use, making them convenient for storage as well. There are many options available in the market, ranging from backpacks to duffel bags, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Just make sure to check the dimensions and ensure it meets the size restrictions specified by Spirit Airlines.

Compress Contents to Save Space

Another great tip for packing light is to compress the contents of your bag to save space. You can use compression bags or packing cubes to neatly organize your belongings while also reducing their overall size.

These bags are designed to remove excess air, allowing you to fit more items into a smaller space. By compressing your clothes and other items, you can maximize the available space in your personal item and avoid the need for additional luggage.

This not only helps you meet Spirit Airlines’ size requirements but also makes it easier to carry your belongings throughout your journey.

Wear Bulky Items Like Jackets When Boarding

If you’re traveling with bulky items like jackets or coats, consider wearing them when boarding the plane. This can help you save space in your personal item and ensure that you meet the size requirements set by Spirit Airlines.

Plus, wearing a jacket or coat can also help you stay warm during your flight, especially if you’re traveling to a colder destination. This simple trick allows you to pack light while still having access to the items you need for your trip.

By following these tips for packing light, you can ensure that your personal item meets the size requirements set by Spirit Airlines. Remember to check the airline’s guidelines for specific dimensions and any restrictions on personal items.

Packing efficiently not only helps you avoid additional fees but also makes your travel experience more convenient and hassle-free.


Spirit’s reduced personal item size allows the airline to board flights quicker while also generating more revenue from carry-on bag fees. While the change may require adjusting your packing strategy, focusing on compact, collapsible luggage will ensure you meet the requirements.

By understanding Spirit’s updated personal item policy and packing strategically, you can avoid surprise fees and enjoy smooth travels on your next Spirit Airlines flight.

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