Birds Chirping at Night

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Birds Chirping at Night

For the folks living in big cities that are light- and noise-polluted, it’s a rare occurrence to hear birds chirping, even so at night when everything becomes calmer and quieter. It’s, however, more noticeable in the villages and other rural areas surrounded by greenery, trees, and forests. Nevertheless where you are, if you’re hearing birds chirping at night, it can have different meanings for you.

The birds chirping has always been thought of as conveying some important message. Everyone who believes in the secret meanings of nature and spiritualism knows that such divine messages, conveyed from some different energy or dimension shouldn’t be ignored.

Moreover, if you’re continuously hearing the sound of birds chirping at night, it may mean that the message the birds are trying to send is continuously reflecting some desires and goals that you have, but also some problems and hardships that you’re facing at the moment.

Whatever may be the case, by listening closely, you should be able to decipher those messages and listen to what the universe wants you to do. That way, the success is inevitably in your favor.

But, how do we listen to the birds chirping? How do we achieve goals when the birds hardly let us sleep at night with their prominent chirping? The more prominent they are, the louder is the message. Of course, the birds chirping doesn’t have to mean something necessary for you, but for your family, the environment, the world, and much more.

You found this article because you’re either intrigued or annoyed by the birds chirping sound. While this article may not teach you how to make the birds stop, it’ll help you accept the chirping as something natural, and allow you to recognize the energy and message the birds are sending.

Even if the chirping bothers you, you’ll learn how to become one with these inviting sounds of nature and spiritualism if you continue reading this article.

Bird Chirping At Different Hours

A lot of birds are nocturnal and will make sounds during the night. Moreover, some birds will chirp, or make humming sounds only at certain hours of the night.

If you get woken up at a certain hour by the birds chirping, or you hear it during a certain time of the night, that represents a different symbolism on its own.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what do the different hours of the night when the birds can be heard chirping represent for you and your goals.

We’ll observe three different hours when the birds are chirping, at 1 am, 2 am and 3 am. Otherwise, this phenomenon is known as the first call, second call, and third call.

  • Birds chirping at 1 am: If you hear birds chirping at 1 am, it means that the universe is trying to tell you something. It’s an indicator of changes that you need to get ahead of. During the first call, birds are trying to tell you to be aware of these changes. The chirping is also considered shielding and protective, and the birds are trying to tell you it’s safe for you to sleep.
  • Birds chirping at 2 am This, also known as the second home, the universe needs you to focus around for the signs and clues that surround you. It’s also calling you to be more empathetic, spiritual, and sensitive to your whereabouts. It’s also a call for the awakening of your consciousness and awareness about your actions and things that are surrounding you.
  • Birds chirping at 3 am: The third call has negative indications throughout different cultures and is often called “the darkest time of the night.” Some cultures believe that hearing birds chirp at this hour can be an omen for dangers to your loved ones. Throughout history, it was believed that witches and other haunted beings are the most active during this hour and that they’re conducting their twisted plans into reality.
  • Some shamans and other spiritual people also use this time to communicate with the spirits of their deceased ones. All in all, birds chirping at this hour means it’s time to be more careful and check up on people you love to ensure nothing is missing.

There are no other spiritual meanings for other hours of the night, the first, second, and third calls are the most common times when nocturnal birds can be heard. Sometimes, they can be heard at 4 am, but mostly in the summer which is the time when it’s almost about time for dawn.

Keep in mind that there could be a scientific explanation for birds chirping at night. According to a report in the New York Times, there’s a possibility that the light and noise pollution common in big cities cause them to chirp at night.

Some studies also imply that the chirping habits in the day can affect the chirping habits in the night because of the light pollution. That means that all city light causes birds to think it’s still day.

Birds Chirping at Night: Other Meanings

Above we explored different meanings of hearing birds chirp at certain times in the night. Now, let’s take a look at individual meanings and spiritualism, which depends on folklore and culture that certain civilizations worshipped.


If you get waken up by the birds chirping at night, it can have a meaning that relates to your sense of freedom and belonging. Sometimes, we’re occupied by daily activities and requirements meaning we have little time to dedicate to ourselves and going out in nature.

Late at night, we’re only able to rest, but sometimes, the tempting sounds of nature may wake you up and make you wonder about the meaning of your life and what would it take for you to become free like the birds flying up the night sky and chirping on the trees.

If you hear birds chirping at night, you should ask yourself whether you’re overwhelmed by daily life and obligations. Perhaps, you should take a break and let loose, enjoying your hobbies and freedom.


Humans are curious and talented. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re so overworked and concerned about what our talents are that we never notice them until we grow up or get old. Luckily, it’s never too late to enjoy your talents and turn them into your success.

Chirping birds at night carry the message that doing what you love will bring you success. Whether it is a professional, romantic, or spiritual success, it doesn’t matter. The birds are telling you to pursue your passion and find your talent. Stay loyal to it, let it guide you and you’ll achieve great success.

Use it as a mantra, even when you feel demotivated. The birds chirping at night may also be there to send you the message to be strong even though the tough and challenging times, as your success is inevitable, as long as you work hard.


The birds chirping at night can also mean that you’re protected by the positive mantra of your loved ones and everyone who cares about you and wishes you well. For those religious, birds chirping at night can mean that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you and send positive energy your way.

Don’t deny it, listen to the birds chirping and try to figure out the rhythm and tone. That may help you conclude whether the message has positive or negative meanings, and help you act accordingly.


Another meaning for birds chirping at night can be healing. The birds are reaching out as you’re sleeping and helping you heal your wounds. These may not be physical wounds, but enduring them may feel a bit easier. The birds chirping at night are more related to spiritual healing and serve as the remedy for the emotional damage.

Whether you’ve lost the job you pursued, failed the exam, lost someone dear to you, or are going through a tough breakup, the birds’ song will have therapeutic effects on you and heal you as you’re resting.


Some spiritual gurus report that the birds chirping at night are trying to send positive vibes your way and trying to deter the negative thoughts and insecurity. That said, they promote self-sufficiency and confidence, which can be hard to achieve, especially if your environment is negative.

Worry not, the birds are trying to uplift you, and encourage growth. Still, for growth, confidence is one of the most essential traits and ingredients. That said, be confident, and don’t be afraid to confront your fears and challenges. You’ll come out as the victor!

FAQ About Birds Chirping at Night

We crafted this FAQ section to help answer some questions about the symbolism of birds chirping at night. Read on!

Can Hearing Birds Chirping at Night Represent a Bad Omen?

Some spiritual gurus say that hearing birds chirp at night can mean that someone close to you passed away. Some other ones say that hearing birds chirp at night carries an omen depending on what energy they emit while chirping. If you feel scared and disturbed, the omen may be bad. If you feel uplifted by their tune, the meaning is positive and you have nothing to worry about.

What Does it Mean to Hear Birds Chirping in Dream?

If you hear birds chirping in your dream, that means that you’re fighting some internal struggles, and making some important decisions that affect your sense of freedom and independence. Perhaps, you want to make some serious decisions such as moving out or starting a new career path.

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